Although bees are economically important to both man and plants, they can get aggressive when threatened. If you’re being disturbed by bees in your yard and would like together rid of them, contact Kings Pest Control | Cincinnati Ohio for a premium service. 

Here are some tips to ward off bees from you and your home before they build a nest. 

What Attracts Bees?

Bees are of different species, hence, they have different attractions. Generally, bees are attracted to the following;

  • Water
  • Colors. Beautiful colors like blue, yellow, and purple
  • Nectar. Some flowering plants contain sweet nectars that serve as food for bees. 
  • Pollen
  • Temperature

5 Tips To Keep Bees Away From You And Your Home

  1. Take Out Attractive Plants In Your Home

Bees are attracted to flowers that are colorful and contain pollen or nectar. Take a walk around your yard and examine the kind of lowers growing there, you will need to uproot some flowers and plant them far away from your home. 

Some flowering plants have scents that also attract bees to your home, it is better to grow these plants far from your home. 

  1. Grow Peppermint

Bees get irritated by the peppermint scent, though this scent smells nice to humans. Have in mind that you cannot plant peppermint in your yard among other flowering plants, bees can still get attracted to flowers. 

Peppermint takes about 90 days to grow, you can grow more than one in your yard to adequately deter bees. With time, bees will migrate from your home gradually. Health-wise, peppermint has no negative impact on humans. 

  1. Use Crushed Garlic

Just like other natural deterrents, crushed garlic has the potential of chasing bees away from your home. This is one thing you can do within a few minutes, unlike planting a repellant. 

You can quickly get some garlic from the store, ground them, and place them at a strategic location. Grounded garlic can come in handy when you need quick relief from bees. 

Something to note is this, your home may look unkept with the sight and smell of grounded garlic everywhere, so if this doesn’t go well with you, try other methods.  

  1. Cinnamon Repels Bees

If you don’t have the time to plant peppermint or you don’t like the idea of using garlic, consider spraying cinnamon around your home. 

You can purchase ground cinnamon from a store, the quantity should be based on the size of your compound. Note that cinnamon will wash away by rain and blown away by the wind. 

This entails that you sprinkle cinnamon often to achieve a great result. On the financial side, purchasing cinnamon is not exorbitant and the cab is gotten in no time. 

  1. Mind The Perfume And Cloth You Wear

Bees are attracted by smell and color, they see a wide range of colors than humans. In order not to look like a meal, avoid flashy colors like yellow, red, blue, and purple. 

For perfumes, it can be annoying when your favorite perfume appeals to bees. Be mindful of the type of perfume you wear, if it attracts bees, makes a change. You can search for ingredients and avoid them when purchasing perfumes. 

  1. Hire Professionals

When you get overwhelmed with the impact of bees in your home, go ahead and hire professionals who can help curtail bee infestation. Have in mind that this will require some funds, so if you have the means, go for it. 

Final Thoughts

Eliminating bees is harmful to the ecosystem, they have a great role to play in farms and for humans. While they can be dangerous to man, it is best to repel them from your home. 

Whatever the case, make the right choice that suits your health.

By Manali

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