A new outdoor living space can add $10,000 to the resale value of your home when you sell it. That’s more than double what a new entry porch costs. 

A deck remodeling project is an easy, do-it-yourself project that will yield significant results. Apart from increasing your home’s value, it will also become a great space for you to relax.

Before you get into it, there are a few things you need to do to get your deck ready. Here’s a quick guide to preparing for a deck remodeling project.

Creating a Budget for Your Deck Remodel

Set a goal for your project and write down a list of all the necessary materials, tools, and supplies needed to accomplish the task. 

Your budget should also suit the backyard deck design that you want. Create a timeline for each project step to track and plan for labor costs.

Lastly, if hiring a professional contractor to help out, research several deck remodeling companies and check their reputation. Inquire about cost estimation for their services and compare their prices to determine a reasonable budget. 

Identifying Deck Materials You Need

Consider the climate in your area as well as your architectural style. You should also consider the deck’s size and scope and the renovation’s purpose.

Potential materials may include wood, composite wood, aluminum, or plastic. However, selecting weather-resistant materials like redwood or cedar is essential when using wood in a humid climate.

Natural wood decking is often favored due to its availability. It is also affordable and aesthetic.

Composite decking can be ideal in mild climates requiring little maintenance, and may even hold up better to the elements. Many often choose aluminum or plastic decking for locations where standing water may be an issue.

If your location complicates maintenance, you want to consider using artificial grass. You can read about installing artificial grass and see if this will work for you.

No matter what materials you choose, proper preparation is critical to ensuring that your backyard deck will last. Ensure the patio deck surface is level and all supporting beams are structurally sound. A good foundation provides the necessary base for added materials.

Obtaining Necessary Permits 

See if there are requirements as to whether a permit is needed for the proposed project. The project may require plans to be submitted, application forms to be filled out, and fees to be paid.

The preparation process might be simplified with the help of a professional such as a contractor who is familiar with the permitting process. A neighbor or someone with similar construction experience may also be able to provide helpful advice.

Setting up for a Successful Deck Remodeling

Now that you better understand how to prepare for a deck remodeling project, you are ready to start! Gather your materials, research your backyard deck design options, and plan for safety first.

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By Manali

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