The question of If bed bugs hibernate is dependent on some factors. Normally, you might not get to see a bed bug in a pause mode except for some reasons. 

Do you think bed bugs hibernate? What are your reasons for saying they hibernate? Pests generally are known to go into a pause mode especially if they are low on energy or they are trying to digest. As much as these pests are not good for the home or office, it is good to still find out little characteristics about them just so that knowledge can be broadened.

In this article, you’ll find out if they hibernate. T get rid of bedbugs in the home contact pest control & bed bug extermination in Cincinnati OH| kings pest control.

Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?

Bedbugs are stubborn insects mostly found on the bed and feeding on the blood of their hosts. As stated earlier the question of If bedbugs hibernate is dependent on some things that we would still see in this article. 

But if we are to give a straight answer, bedbugs do not hibernate. Research has shown that if bed bugs find comfort where they are then you would rarely see them hibernate.

Why Will A Bedbug Hibernate?

There are two reasons why a bedbug would hibernate. They are:

To conserve energy

Most times, some of these insects are considered to be the hardest workers in the room because they are always on the go in search of food, shelter and just their general living. Having done all of these there might be sometimes that they would need to pause just to regain their energy again and resume their normal work activities.

Slow down the rate of metabolism

This is another reason why you would find a bedbug in a pause mode. They want to slow down their metabolism. If they have attained the rate at which they want to slow it down, they would resume back their normal activities.

Studies show that a bedbug has hibernated for 500 days which could be true but in present times, you might barely get to see all of that due to the reasons you’ll be seeing now.

Reasons Why A Bedbug Would Not Hibernate

They find their host conducive

There might be no reason for them to hibernate if they find their host conducive. Also, even if the hosts are trying to create measures by which they can be exterminated, instead of hibernating they would look for somewhere better that would be more comfortable for them to stay.

Temperatures are mostly warm

Bedbugs are good adaptors to a pretty warm temperature. They are usually not found in extremely cold environments; instead they would stay in places that have a warm temperature so that they can go about their normal activities. Why hibernate when the temperature is conducive and then they have no reason to use up all of their energy.

Humidity is controlled

If the humidity of an environment is controlled then you would scarcely see a bedbug hibernate. No doubt, we can see that this insect majorly works with the kind of environment that they find themselves in.

Nice place to take their meals

They feed on the blood of their hosts and if the mode of feeding is convenient for them, their metabolism rate would be affected and there might be little to no reason why they should hibernate.

Constant source of food

If they feed, they are bound to have energy. Only if they are starved of food then you can see them hibernate because there would be no energy to carry out their normal activities.

Bottom Line

Bedbugs do not hibernate. You would only find them in this condition in rare cases.

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