Are you looking for ways to care for your wood deck?

Whether you’ve got a brand new deck sitting there, itching to get used, or an older deck that needs more tender care, there are a variety of ways to keep that beautiful wood looking healthy and long-lasting.

A good deck is an extension of your home. It’s also a very practical piece of outdoor addition you can use throughout the seasons.

Wondering what to do? Then read on! Here’s a quick and simple guide on wood deck protection.

Cleaning Your Wood Deck Regularly

Deck cleaning at least once a year, but preferably every three months if possible. The best time to clean is on a dry day when it’s not too hot or cold. First, sweep the deck with a garden broom or a stiff-bristled brush.

Then inspect for signs of wear and tear like shrinking, warping, cracking, and splintering. Next, use an oxygen bleach-based cleaner mixed with water, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions. The same cleaning requirements are needed if you are using polyurea products for residential flooring.

Applying a Protective Sealant to Your Deck

Applying a sealant will help to prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating, keeping your deck in good condition when applying a sealant. You can then use a paint sprayer to evenly spray the sealant onto the deck. Spraying is the quickest and easiest way to ensure even coverage. 

Straying Away From Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning and preparing the deck is essential and can be done by brushing off dirt, leaves, and debris from the surface with a soft-bristled broom. Pressure washing will also help to remove any surface grime or mold. In addition, applying a wood preservative to the wood’s surface can help deck protection from decay, insects, or fire. 

Protect Your Wood Deck from the Sun

To protect your wood deck from the sun, it’s important to apply a protective finish such as a sealant or stain. Sealing or staining your wood deck makes it more resistant to temperature and moisture changes. This serves as a protective barrier and even adds color and vibrancy to your deck.

Additionally, you can install awnings, gazebos, or pergolas to provide shade over the wood deck and protect it from direct sunlight. While awnings and structures are expensive investments, they can add to the deck’s visual appeal and keep it from fading and cracking.

Remove Snow and Ice from Your Deck

Soft plastic shovels are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to removing snow, as they allow you to remove snow without damaging the wood. Use a broom or brush handle to break up any ice and then shovel it away.

For thick patches of ice, sprinkle some rock salt or ice melt. This will help to melt the ice and will also discourage slipping. Once the snow and ice are gone, keep your deck protected still with a waterproof sealant to prevent water damage.

Explore More About Wood Deck Protection

Deck protection will help it look and function better for a longer period. A great way to do this is to make sure snow and ice are removed from your deck promptly.

Use a shop vacuum for easy and efficient removal of debris, and use rock salt to ice melt. Keep your deck safe and invest in a quality protection product to extend its life and value. 

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