Everyone would love to have a high-quality door in their apartment or building. 

The quality of a door depends on the material used for its construction. Beyond that, purchasing a door also depends on your budget, security, and taste. 

In this post, you’ll learn the six common materials used for making doors. (You can also learn more here about automatic doors)

Let’s get to it. 

6 Common Materials For Doors

  1. Wood 

Wood is a traditional material which has been in existence centuries ago and still serves in recent times. Wooden materials can be gotten from trees like mahogany, iroko, maple, oak, or pine. 

One beautiful thing about this material is that it can be carved into any desired shape, size, and style. Also another advantage is that wooden materials can be personalized with ornaments, glass, or lights. 

Note that wood is prone to rot, fading, and insect invasion, among others. This entails that maintenance is necessary. 

  1. Fiberglass 

This material is molded into desired shapes, and when it’s done, it cannot be altered. Fiberglass is also water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, unlike wooden material. 

Although fiberglass looks and feels like wood, it is not. This material is best for humid and hot weather conditions. 

Fiber glasses are not termite friendly and also can be used both for interior and exterior decor. 

It costs more than wooden materials in some cases but also enhances security. 

  1. Glass 

This material is popularly used in offices and businesses like fashion designing, and restaurants, among others. 

One advantage of using glass is that it gives an office a professional look and elegance. This material also favors the entrance of natural light into a building which stabilizes staffs productivity in the office. 

Glass materials can also be merged with wood and aluminum to make beautiful doors. Caution is required because glass materials are fragile and don’t allow for privacy. 

  1. Steel 

Steel doors is what comes to mind in terms of security. Despite its weight and texture, it can be styled to align with your taste and interior decor. 

Steel is resistant to some environmental factors, unlike wood and glass. It also conserves air. Hence it’s also used for windows and door frames. Steel is relatively expensive, unlike other materials. 

  1. Iron 

This is a stronger and weightier version of steel. Just like wood, iron has been in vogue since ancient times, and they serve as a great tool for security. 

When installed, it helps maintain the temperature in your apartment. Iron materials are not rust-proof. Hence they demand maintenance. Iron materials have a long lifespan if properly maintained. 

  1. Aluminum 

This material is gradually gaining relevance today; this is due to its features. Aluminum materials are rustproof, lightweight, not termite friendly, and also pocket friendly. Aluminum materials are used in making windows, bathrooms, and doors too. The disadvantage of this material is that it is not rustproof and also be spoilt with dents.  


Every door material is unique and meets a specific need. That said, purchasing a door material bothers on your budget, durability, purpose, and cost of maintenance, among others. 

By Manali

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