There are different types of adventure sports, but some become famous in certain regions because of their environmental suitability. For example, skiing and snowboarding require snowy surfaces, which is why these sports are favourite in cold and snow regions. Similarly, surfboarding and sea diving requires oceans; hence these activities are popular in such areas. 

Surfing is becoming more popular with time, primarily because of the rise in globalisation and technological developments as it helps in popularising them among people. As a result, many brands are coming up with unique surfboarding gear and tools; for example, Sharpeye Surfboards make quality boards in different designs and shapes for its customers. 

Many beginners in this sport don’t have enough knowledge about the different types of boards available in the market and what makes them different from each other. All these types of boards have different functions. If you want to understand their difference, then you can refer to the following points:


Long surfboards are big and are usually recommended to beginners.  However, anyone can start their surfboarding journey with a longboard. As a beginner to longboard, you will get knowledge about, how to wax a surfboard, what are the techniques and the position, etc., These boards balance the waves and help in manoeuvring easily on the water. According to experts, a longboard is suitable for any age or level; hence, every snowboarder must own a longboard. These experts suggest that a person practice enough on a longboard before going on to the other.


After practising with your longboard, you must move on to a funboard. It will help a person transition from a longboard to a short one because it is a medium-sized board. If a person moves to a short board straight from a long one, it cannot be easy to regain balance because of the major size difference. Hence, a funboard provides a smoother transition.


After practising enough on long and fun boards, you can move on to the shortboard. Experts recommend shortboards to people who are advanced surfers because it is challenging to balance on a shortboard. Advanced surfers use this board to do incredible stunts and make sudden moves on the waves. Once you get used to the shape, it will become easy to control your movement and balance on the board. 


A shortboard is great for advanced surfers, but when you face a terrible surfing situation because of high ocean waves or weather changes, then the shortboard won’t help you. Hence, in such situations, you must surf on a fish board. These boards have a fish-like tail and have more volume than the shortboards, which is why it is easy to balance them. However, many beginners also use these boards for low waves because they are easy to balance and provide a good surfing experience. 


Some boards are designed for beginners and intermediate surfers, some are designed for advanced surfers and experts. A funboard is a board for experts who surf in dangerous waters. A beginner should not even put an aye on a gun board because it is complicated to surf on it. These boards are long, but they have a pointed head and tail so that the surfer can cut through strong waves. 

These points list all the types of surfboards available in the market. So if you want to buy your first board, then you must go for a longboard, but if you want to add a new board to your collection, then you can find a surfing brand like Sharpeye Surfboards that sells quality boards. Buy a board from their website based on your level and learning. 

By Manali

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