It’s a well-known fact that golf has the potential to be a challenging sport. When it comes to capital expenditures, it is undeniably the case—many factors to consider. There’s a huge variety of club formats—all these specialised words. Indeed, newcomers and seasoned golfers often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing modern clubs like Titleist TS12. As a result, here is a compiled Golf Club Buying Guide to demystify what may otherwise be a daunting task.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find some broad principles when picking out gear ideal for your sport. Remember that, according to the Rules of Golf, each player may use no more than 14 clubs at any time.

What kind of golf clubs do you use to make a difference?

The appropriate set of clubs can make golf much more manageable, so investing in good gear is essential before hitting the links. Forgiving clubs with the correct loft are essential for amateur golfers, as is a golf shaft that can keep up with their quick swing.

Those who are just starting and try to make do with dated or improvised gear or whatever is available in a pretty package are more likely to have difficulty. A golf pro or club fitter may help a novice choose the right modern clubs for their swing and budget, like the Titleist TS12.

How many clubs does a novice golfer need to get started?

Aim for a set with eight to twelve clubs if you’re starting. A complete set includes 14 clubs, but only 8-12 are necessary to hit all the shots you’ll need. At the beginning of your golfing career, most of your shots will be made with clubs around the same distance. This is because the swing is inconsistent, leading to a general slowing of the club head. When novices get farther into the game, each club will begin to have a distinct purpose, and it will make sense to add a few more woods, hybrids, or wedges to their collection.

Can golf be played with three clubs?

It is possible to play golf with just three clubs or even with only the putter. The issue is that a wide variety of challenges might arise throughout 18 holes. You won’t be able to handle all of these scenarios well if you have three clubs. With three clubs in your bag, you should prioritise your fairway wood, short iron, and putter.

Where can you get information on the best clubs for a novice golfer?

You may give yourself a fighting chance on an approach shot or even a par three if you learn to hit a seven iron as a novice. There will be enough similarities between the seven iron and the other irons in the bag that you may apply what you’ve learned to new situations and improve your game.

Is a four iron the best choice for a beginner?

The standard 2, 3, or 4-iron is too tricky for a novice to utilise. When using these clubs, it’s essential to aim for the centre of the clubface due to their low lofts. Avoid long irons unless you have a relatively rapid swing speed. It takes a faster swing speed to properly clip a four iron, resulting in the distance and ball flight you’d anticipate. A 4 or 5 hybrid might be the best option for a novice.

On a par three course, which clubs should a novice use?

Set makeups that include a seven iron, nine iron, wedge, and putter are helpful on par three courses. On par-3 courses, you can get by with this set of clubs in almost every circumstance. In this case, a hybrid may be helpful if some holes are longer than others.

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