Today, the trend to show support for your favorite sports team during the off-season is alive and well. Having the right hats and tees is a great way to show the world which team you’re following, even during the next season.

Custom beanies are the piece of clothing you can wear to show off your love for your favorite team. So, get creative and design custom beanies.

Read on for some tips on how to design custom beanies for your sports team.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The key to creating the perfect beanie is to choose the right color scheme. The colors need to reflect the colors of your team and create an eye-catching design. When selecting colors, be sure to determine the team’s official colors and what colors are associated with your team.

It’s also important to choose colors that will stand out and make your design visible. Additionally, consider the number of colors you want to use, as too many colors may take away from the overall sportswear design.

With the right colors, your custom beanies can be a great representation of your team and a way to express your pride for your favorite sports team. It’s also good to look into other clothing you’ll be wearing, like mismatching your colors with some scarves you can get from

Pick the Right Quality Material

When choosing the right material, it’s important to think about the weather conditions you’ll be wearing it in. If you’ll be wearing it more during the wintertime in a colder climate, a thicker material like wool, fleece, or wool blend is ideal.

Acrylic and polyester are both lightweight materials, but won’t necessarily keep you warm in colder temperatures. If you plan to wear it during spring and summer in a more temperate climate, cotton or linen fabrics with a light to medium weight will be best.

Looking for SPF protection from the sun? Opt for UPF material. And don’t forget about water protection for rainy days. No matter the season, materials matters when it comes to custom beanies.

Select Trendy Descriptive Words

Choosing the right words that describe your team is imperative to making a custom beanie. Words should depict the team you are supporting while being catchy and trendy. Select trendy words like:

  • champion
  • legend
  • all-star
  • unstoppable

These can energize team spirit and amplify the overall appeal of your custom beanie. Words matter and choosing the right ones can be a great expression of your admiration for a favorite sports team.

Make Sure Your Logo is Visible

Add your logo to the beanies for a highly visible, stylish look. Choose from a variety of fabrics and styles to create the perfect custom beanie for your team. Pick from modern and classic designs to find the beanie that best expresses your devotion to the team.

You can also draw on retro designs, to show that you still remember where your team originated from. Add some flair with bright, vibrant colors, and make sure the logo is prominently visible on the beanie.

Learn to Design Your Custom Beanies

Designing custom beanies is an excellent way to show your support for your favorite sports teams. Show your school pride and keep your head warm at the same time! Get creative and design your beanies today!

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