Swing bowling is another highly used technique in the sport of cricket. Currently 1xBet is online gambling site India, and it can be used to wager on the best bowlers in the entire world.

When balls are new, it is quite easy to make normal swing bowling. However, as the balls start to wear down due to their use, their physical characteristics change. One of the consequences of these changes are significant modifications to their trajectory in flight. From here, it is possible to do a reverse swing. The 1xBet India site is the best online gambling site in the country, and it can be used to wager on whether someone will make a reverse swing.

However, it is still necessary to have a lot of practice in order to take full advantage of these changes in the features of the ball. Here we will discuss more aspects about the highly effective reverse swing in cricket.

Aerodynamic effects

The science behind the flight of a cricket ball is truly fascinating. You can place your cricket bets on 1xBet, which features lots of games of this discipline. It involves aspects like fluid mechanics, turbulence and other aspects. However, here things will be kept in a simpler way.

In a worn cricket ball, one side is smoother than the other. For this reason, the air flows differently across both sides of it. This makes it adopt a more curved trajectory during flight. In fact, professional cricketers know how to take advantage of this effect, and can really give a headache to batters. Currently, on 1xBet you can place your cricket bets right now, and enjoy all the available possibilities.

In fact, some highly experienced cricket players can even make the ball follow an S-shaped trajectory, making things even more difficult.

Experts on the technique

There are many players who have used this technique with devastating effects for their opposition. Before the next great reverse bowling delivery, you can play great games at the in.1xbet.com/casino website. Some of the players who are expert in reverse swing include:

  • Neil Wagner;
  • Zaheer Khan;
  • Ajit Agarkar;
  • and also Troy Cooley.

However, this technique is not immune to controversy. Since reverse swing is so effective, some players have been accused of tampering with the ball in order to make it fly more unpredictably. However, this is not always the case. In fact, most of the best players in the sport are capable of taking advantage of the natural wear of the ball. While waiting for the best cricket bowlers, you can explore a great selection of games at the 1xBet online casino.

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