As the temperature drops outside, there’s one thing you might want to run inside from — the cold. Though many of us spend hours at a time out in our outdoor gardens during summer, the season shifts, and now your outdoor spaces lend themselves more towards a winter garden.

Still, this doesn’t mean your green thumb needs to get frostbitten! In fact, working with your gardens’ naturally slower season can help you find creative ways to enhance them.

Instead of giving up your green thumb when it’s cold out, use our tips for creative winter gardening to keep your love of plants alive!

Make Your Garden Look Cozy

Add warm accents such as wicker or twig furniture or a bright-colored pillow to the seating area. Create a gathering spot around a fire pit or chiminea where friends and family can cozy next to a warm, crackling fire. You can add lights and decorations for a festive atmosphere.

Strings of white holiday lights or solar-powered lights hung in the bare trees look especially beautiful at night. Windowsills, planters, and pathways are good places to arrange small elements like winter greenery, pinecones, berries, figurines, or snow globes.

Plant Varieties Perfect for Winter Color

A winter garden space can be easily enhanced with a variety of plants. Shop for outdoor planters perfect for Juniper, conifers, and ivy are all ideal for adding a pop of greenery in chillier months. Flowering shrubs such as quince, witch hazel, and winter heather offer colorful floral blooms to brighten any garden.

Ornamental grasses like blue oat grass, Japanese forest grass, and tall moor grass work well for providing an architectural element. It also adds visual interest throughout the winter months. 

Add Garden Accessories to Brighten the Space

Garden ornaments, such as colorful lights or wind chimes, draw the eye away from bare winter plants and give the garden sparkle. Small decorative statues or colorful flags can bring a whimsical element to the garden. It also provides a much-needed distraction from the cold weather.

If the garden is overwhelmed with snow, consider adding seasonal decorations to provide a festive atmosphere. A simple flurry of pinecones, ribbon and potted ivy can spruce up the winter space and make the garden more welcoming.

Go for Low Maintenance Winter Landscaping

Low-maintenance winter landscaping can create a warm and inviting peaceful atmosphere. Natural stone pathways, stepping stones, and rocks can be scattered throughout the garden. Doing so breaks up the monotony while still providing structure.

Perennials and evergreens can also be added to create bursts of color and texture. Window boxes with ornamental cabbage, kale, winter pansies, and herbs are a great addition and can make the garden look alive.

Finally, add string lights, bird feeders, and other decorative accents to add a little more flair. By focusing on low-maintenance options and keeping creativity in mind, gardeners can create a winter wonderland for everyone to enjoy!

Make the Most of Your Winter Garden

A winter garden doesn’t have to be dull and barren. Instead, numerous creative ways exist to enhance the space. Investigate your options and choose what would work best in your own garden.

Get started without fear of failure because winter is the perfect season to learn, experiment, and have fun!

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By Manali

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