Doors can be literal or figurative passageways, so when you add saloon doors to your home, they’re travel-inspired options that allow you to go in and out conveniently.

Saloon doors offer a casual look that’s a charming fit for the country and shabby chic decor. Find some inspiration for this new addition to your space, making it perfect for many home styles.

Read on and explore three creative ways to make use of saloon doors at home!

1. Modernize Your Entryway with Saloon Doors

Creativity with modernizing your entryway with saloon doors is a great way to add a unique and interesting look to your home. Saloon doors have been around for centuries and can be used to help define and personalize the entrance of your house. By replacing your regular entryway doors with double swinging doors, you can instantly create the look of a western saloon.

Saloon doors come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors to help you properly reflect your taste and maintain the look of a vintage western saloon. Not only will you have an intriguing entrance to your home, but you’ll also have a welcomed barrier to keep out dust and dirt. Additionally, saloon doors keep out colder air in the winter and keep cool air in during the summer.

You can explore this website with saloon doors and more saloon door styles to spruce up your entryway too.

2. Saloon Doors in the Bathroom Can Bring A Fresh Look

Saloon doors bring a rustic charm to a room and can spruce up a basic bathroom. Installing saloon doors in a bathroom setting can be a fun, creative way to add texture and style to a seemingly dull bathroom. The doors separate the shower, toilet, or vanity area, creating a private retreat within the bathroom.

For an added dimension, opt for textured glass doors or unique door handles. With a bit of creativity and imagination, saloon doors in the bathroom can transform a dull space into a fashionable retreat. The doors also open up to more light, bringing a bright, airy atmosphere to the room.

With this updated look and feel, every time you step into the bathroom it will be a new, refreshing experience.

3. Add Privacy with Saloon Doors in the Bedroom

Saloon doors provide a unique, stylish way to add privacy to a bedroom. Open the doors wide to gain access from the living room and close them to have an incredibly private space. Different colors and styles of the doors give lots of options for decorating, from traditional wood to bold colors with intricate patterns.

Installing hinges on the doors can create different looks; hang them from the ceiling for an Eastern feel or on the wall for a Western look. Plus, instead of a daybed or couch, feature them in a seating area. If you want some added seclusion and creative flair, saloon doors are a perfect choice.

Be Creative With Home Design Using Saloon Doors

Saloon doors are a budget-friendly, creative way to separate spaces in a home. They bring character and charm to the interior and create a rustic, antique vibe that speaks of the wild west.

Homeowners should be inspired to find their unique touch and make their homes their own with the addition of saloon doors. So, explore your options and get creative to bring personality and charm to your home today!

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