Winter is here. It means it’s the most wonderful time of the year for decorating!

But if you didn’t put up any holiday decorations, it might seem like the season just magically came out of nowhere. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Read on for some holiday decor ideas to brighten up your interior and exterior spaces!

1. Add Splashes of Color Everywhere

Arrange colorful festive glassware or paper lanterns on the mantel or staircase. A fun way to enliven the patio or balcony is to hang paper lanterns. You can also string lights or Chinese paper fans in different sizes and colors.

Plant colorful flower beds, such as impatiens or petunias, around the borders of the house. Place bright-colored metallic or curtain wind chimes near the entrance or the windows to be welcomed by calming holiday chimes.

Use decorative artificial trees and hang garlands of vibrant colors around it for an enticing festive look. Last but not least, add comfy floor cushions in bright colors for a cozy interior. 

Your interior and exterior spaces will be transformed and filled with uplifting holiday vibes.

2. Holiday Lights and Lanterns

For indoor spaces, create interesting lighting arrangements along baseboards, walls, or door frames. Colored string lights with holiday motifs bring a cheerful atmosphere and can be hung on mantels or draped over furniture.

Placing lanterns or lights in windows and entryways bring a warm invitation to friends and family. Changing light colors help furniture monotony while adding to the holiday spirit. 

3. Festive Outdoor Space

Include outdoor wreaths and garlands to hang from your doors, windows, and other outdoor fixtures. Utilize your outdoor furniture; place blankets and pillows on them. Then, wrap them with holiday-style festive lights.

String-up bistro lights for added ambiance. Decorate your outdoor space with seasonal planters, topiaries, or Christmas trees.

Add festive holiday accents such as holiday-themed throw pillows and blankets, festive lanterns, and jingle bells to tie around your railing. 

4. Illuminated Holiday Figures

One of the best holiday decorating ideas is a life-size Belen. These pieces can add loads of beauty and cheer to both interior and exterior spaces. The Belen is a beautiful homage to the birth of Christ. It can light up a room with intricate details and soft color palette holiday designs.

You can also bring out that Santa chair and then gather the kids around it. A giant reindeer can bring a bit of animal curiosity to your home with its fun size and fun design.

These pieces can be accessorized with festive lights and decorations. Outdoors, it will be quite a scene for the whole neighborhood. People will gather and take awesome pictures!

Get Creative With the Holiday Spirit With These Holiday Decor Ideas

The possibilities for holiday decor ideas are endless! From lighting to window treatments, there’s something to suit every taste and season to help spruce up a home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Get started and try out some of these creative holiday decor ideas. Seek help from friends and family putting up these holiday decorations. Add some fun and festive cheer to your home this holiday season!

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