The colors of your cabinets are not just for decoration. Beyond aesthetics, the colors you choose also signify who you are as a person. For example, deep and dark colors can project boldness and confidence.

You’ve probably selected a color before based on a piece of furniture that you just had to have. But when it’s time to make a decision, going with your gut can be hard.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is our list of the top cabinet colors for the year 2023. Read on!

1. Chocolate Brown

This deep, rich color adds depth and visual interest to any interior design. It goes perfectly with traditional white countertops and warm brass or copper hardware. This color can also be accessorized with colorful accents like royal blue or black for a more contemporary look.

In addition to its classic appeal, chocolate brown has the potential to make smaller spaces appear larger due to its darker hue. Brown is sure to remain a prominent color in kitchen design for years to come, and will always be a winning choice for a classic, timeless look.

2. White

Neutral white can be paired with vibrant colors to make a bold statement. Or pair it with softer shades such as eggshell or off-white to create a more relaxed d├ęcor.

This versatile cabinet color looks elegant in contemporary spaces, and kitchen layout, as well as adds a rustic chic vibe to traditional spaces. Light and airy, the neutral white palette can open up a room. 

Neutral white is a rising trend in the cabinet color world, and a great way to give any kitchen a timeless feel.

3. Mint

This light, greenish-blue hue has a subtle sophistication that looks great in any kitchen. It’s perfect for imparting a calming and comfortable atmosphere. Mint pairs well with many palettes, from neutral and light grays to bold and vibrant hues.

Adding mint to a kitchen can create balance and interest while keeping the overall look modern and fresh. The soft and light tone of mint will bring a sense of airiness and spaciousness to a kitchen. For a splash of drama and contrast, deeper tones of mint, such as dark blue and forest green, can be combined with lighter tones.

4. Navy Blue

This color is versatile and pairs well with a variety of both modern and traditional decor styles. Deep blue is a cool tone, making it easy to coordinate with cool colors like greens and blues. For best results, make sure to contact a local cabinet painting service since they have the knowledge of which colors is best for you. 

It can bring out the beauty and texture of wood grains and countertops. For a modern cabinet look, consider adding stainless-steel hardware that will really make the blues stand out.

5. Walnut

Walnut has been around for centuries and is known for their deep, warm hues. Walnut has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after colors. Walnuts can provide the perfect backdrop for any kitchen.

It also has the ability to complement existing styles or be used as a statement piece in its own right. 

Improve Your Indoor Aesthetic With These Cabinet Colors

As 2023 begins, it’s time to update your cabinets & choose a color that will stay trendy in the coming years.

The top cabinet colors include navy blue, white, chocolate brown, walnut, and mint. If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, find the perfect color & give your cabinets a whole new look!

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