Getting a new car is an exciting moment for every owner and who wouldn’t want to protect the shiny new thing in their garage? For every car owner, there is quite an inventory of car accessories that can keep the vehicle protected against theft. And one of the solutions is installing wheel locks. Who wouldn’t love a shiny pair of eye-catching wheel locks that can not only elevate the look of the vehicle but also keep it protected from car thieves? Especially if your car would be parked on the street or in public parking lots, investing in good quality wheel locks proves to be affordable insurance. But what are wheel locks and what are wheel lock keys? You can turn to an expert like Keys On Wheels Grand Prairie to get your answers upfront and read this article to find more answers.

What are wheel locks and why do you need them? 

Wheel locks are advantageous additions to any automobile and may be readily fitted instead of traditional lug nuts. You may replace one or all of your wheel studs with wheel locks to keep them secure. The only method to detach them from your tires is using a unique key that comes with the set you purchased. It is expected for car burglars to target your rims and they might also steal your tires. Wheel locks are a wise purchase for your vehicle for this reason. They provide you the peace of mind that your rims and tires will remain exactly where you left them and not in the hands of a thief.

If it is difficult for a criminal to remove the locks, they will likely refrain from trying to take your belongings. However, in case your tires get stolen, it is highly unlikely that the wheel locks can be recovered. Even if you find them for sale online, you cannot expect to receive them for free. It is highly expensive to repair rims and tires, so putting wheel locks on your vehicle is your best option for keeping them secure and out of sight.

What is a wheel lock key? 

Wheel locks are revamped and redefined lug nuts that have been designed as an anti-theft car mechanism by using new-age sockets. They function like their traditional counterparts but they can only be opened or detached by using a wheel lock key. A wheel lock key has particular sockets that correspond to the pattern of the wheel lock. The tires, rims, and wheels of the car cannot be removed without the key.

What if your wheel lock key gets stolen? 

A dealer or manufacturer may replace your key if the key’s code is noted somewhere. If you have the model, brand, or manufacturer details noted down somewhere, you can get a new one by applying online. Alternatively, you might have to hire a professional locksmith for unlocking the wheel lock. 

The professional locksmith might possess a spare one that can match the code of your wheel lock. But it is highly unlikely that even the professional will have all the probable combinations. In such cases, the professional will have to drill into the outer body by using special sockets without causing any damage to the wheel. Hence it is always advisable to hire trained locksmiths for unlocking your wheel locks as an untrained professional might cause more damage to the wheel.

When and why wheel locks are needed? 

  • Wheel locks are much less expensive than new rims.
  • You will need them if you intend to keep your vehicle outside and unsecured in low-traffic locations for lengthy periods of time. 
  • Thieves often target the most desirable items, therefore placing an anti-theft deterrent on your vehicle might be sufficient to prevent them.
  • If you reside in an area where theft of tires, rims, or wheels is prevalent, you might need wheel locks.
  • Wheel locks are almost tough to dismantle. This is due to the fact that wheel locks give just enough space for the key to fit around them, which is insufficient for a prying instrument.
  • If you are concerned about the theft of custom, costly, or unique wheels. 

Wheel locks can provide peace of mind for car owners even when the vehicle in question is parked on the side of the road. These car accessories are sold separately in the car aftermarket and almost every dealership in the country has a range of wheel locks to choose from. Speaking about wheel locks, it is noteworthy that there are many types and brands of wheel locks on the market. And it is always the best bet to rely on a professional to guide you on your search as they can take you through the range of wheel locks in the current market.

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