Ford is an American vehicle manufacturing company headquartered in Michigan. Like most things made in America, the vehicle manufacturer maintains the highest quality standards regarding materials, production, specs, and safety. Most Ford vehicle owners have attested to the performance and reliability of the car and brand. However, maintenance and services are the keys to continuous delivery in all areas. Ford service at major dealerships or service points is essential to keep the engine and parts in great shape.

Suppose you’ve recently purchased your own Ford vehicle, Congratulations! Now comes the other part, maintaining your vehicle to get the best out of it.

Whether you’re a first-time or long-time Ford user, knowing what to expect and how to prepare for your Ford service is essential. If unfamiliar, this article takes you through all the important information you should know.

When should I service my Ford?

New vehicles can be tempting. Buyers and users often relax on maintenance, but it shouldn’t be so. Your first Ford service after purchasing your vehicle should be done as soon as your vehicle hits its first 10,000 miles or within the first twelve months, whichever comes first. However, if you’ve purchased your Ford as a pre-owned car, you may need to service it a little more regularly than a new one.

Once serviced after the first 10,000 miles, aim to return to the service station after driving another 5,000 miles. Subsequently, you can return for servicing at every 2,500 miles after crossing the 20,000 miles cap.

Regular servicing after your Ford crosses the 20,000 mark is important to keep your vehicle in great shape and to prevent expensive repairs.

What to expect during the first Ford service

Knowing what will be covered during your maintenance visit to the service station is important. A full breakdown of what should be covered lets you know whether your service station is doing the right thing to keep your vehicle in top shape.

For your first service visit, your authorized Ford service station or auto service center should offer an oil change and oil filter change. These two services are standard to ensure the engine is smooth running and free from impurities.

Additional services include tire and tire pressure checks which may come with a tire replacement recommendation. Your service station should also check for worn parts, especially the brakes and brake pads. If worn, the brake pads should be changed.

You should also get a fluid check and top-up during this service. Your service center should check transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant, radiator fluid, AC compressor gas, etc. Other checks should include a diagnostic check to identify any electrical problems affecting the vehicle’s module, a quick check of the vehicle’s sound for strange noises, etc.

At the end of the service, the auto service center should keep a detailed record of all changes and services rendered in the service log. Doing this is important for safety, warranty compliance, and for insurance reasons. 

Why should I get my Ford serviced?

Vehicle servicing is one of the most important maintenance tasks to keep it running and safe. As a Ford owner, skipping one or two maintenance visits to the service center may be tempting, especially when the servicing cost is put in focus. However, the cost of maintaining your vehicle will be much lower than what will be required to fix problems.

For example, timely vehicle maintenance helps to detect common problems like fluid leakage or shortage. However, such minor problems can lead to engine breakdown when left unserviced and unchecked. In most cases, engine damage can cost you thousands of dollars. Such problems may also be the genesis of other performance and safety issues in your vehicle.

An up-to-date maintenance record also gives you a better chance of reporting issues to the manufacturer. Manufacturers are always open to helping vehicle owners who have reported issues beyond them despite regularly servicing their vehicles.

Asides from warranty coverage, regular maintenance also puts you in a good position for insurance claims. Insurance companies are more likely to respond to your claims when you’ve done your best to keep the vehicle in great performance and safety through regular servicing and up-to-date maintenance culture.

Where can I get my Ford Serviced?

Ford users across America often ask where to get their Fords serviced. Whether a new or long-time user, the best answer is to contact an accredited auto repair or auto service mechanic. Some buyers may prefer to use the service station owned by the dealership they bought the car. This is a great idea, especially as it creates a better record for the vehicle owner and gives them a better chance of trading their Ford in for newer models later.

However, if you cannot regularly make the drive to the dealership that has supplied your Ford, it is recommended that you look for a Ford-accredited service station or auto repair shop near you. Choosing an accredited repair shop and service center ensures that the manufacturer’s warranty isn’t voided. It also guarantees that the highest quality services will be delivered to keep your vehicle safe and sound.

How much does a Ford maintenance plan cost?

The cost of a Ford maintenance plan varies from state to state and service station to service station. You can contact your local Ford dealership to inquire about their maintenance pricing and compare quotes with accredited service centers.

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