Trucks are the vehicle of choice for most commercial businesses. According to Statista, light trucks remain the most popular and in-demand vehicles in the United States. However, the global chip shortage means new trucks are in limited supply due to supply issues. That makes used trucks a hot cake. 

On the other hand, used trucks can be overly worn, as some have worked in off-road settings for prolonged periods. Therefore, a close inspection and assistance from trusted dealers like Conklin Used Cars can help you get value for your money and a good used truck. Here are the main reasons why the market for good used trucks is hard to crack and how you can successfully acquire a quality used truck. 

1. Limited Supply And Excessive Demand

Supply issues such as the Ukraine crisis, Russian sanctions, and looming tensions between Taiwan and China are putting pressure on the global supply of semiconductor chips. Chips are key electrical and computer components necessary in all modern vehicles, including trucks. As a result, the production of new trucks has primarily declined, limiting supply. 

The number of trucks on the used market is correspondingly low. That makes most available used trucks, such as Ford F-150s and Chevy Silverados, desirable items. So, they can be challenging to come by because of their limited availability and the fact that most people seek them out. 

2. More Likely To Experience Extensive Wear And Tear

Most used trucks come from the rental fleet. When the leasing companies feel they are having problems, they sell them on the used market. Thankfully, not all of them are in bad shape. However, it would be best to exercise caution with trucks previously for off-road uses. 

Some of the tell-tale signs include bent or worn plates. Rough terrains can cause excessive wear and tear on the body and engine. So if the body is fine, scrutinize the engine. You can quickly end up with a good-looking truck with a severe engine problem. 

Also, individuals who run family businesses are more careful with their trucks. Some companies also have disciplined drivers. With those considerations, you can get a good used truck with a good body and a perfect engine. 

What To Consider When Buying A Good Used Truck

Here are a few considerations that you should make before purchasing your ideal used truck;

1. Off-Road Usage

As mentioned earlier, trucks that excessively operate in off-road areas are subject to a lot of wear and tear. You may require more maintenance and replacements to keep the car performing at its best. As such, it’s worth inspecting the truck’s undercarriage and underside to determine if it is excessively worn. Be sure to select only a car with limited off-road use. 

2. Commercial History

A truck’s commercial history will tell you how well the previous owner cared for the car. For example, lorries from commercial rentals are often thrown on the used market when they develop problems. Therefore, it is advisable to know whether you can handle the used truck with its problems or not. 

Also, most used trucks from family-owned or small businesses are in good condition. They are unlikely to skip any maintenance to ensure smooth business operations. So a used truck previously owned by an individual or family business can be a good deal. That said, have a trusted mechanic run a thorough diagnostic and evaluation to ensure everything is in order, including engine condition. 

3. Trustworthy Seller

Finally, it would help if you only worked with trustworthy dealerships. Check customer satisfaction ratings and ask for past customer contacts to verify. Also, please pay attention to the documentation, warranties, and insurance offered by the dealership and compare them to previous customers. 

Do not expect miracles if most previous customers are dissatisfied with the dealership. Run. Only stay with a dealership if most customers are delighted. You can leave the rest to the mechanic once you’ve established that your seller is reputable. 

So a trustworthy car dealer is just as important as the used truck you want. Engaging only reputable car dealers before proceeding with any transaction is essential. If you are an interested buyer in the Kansas City areas of Hutchinson, Newton, Salina, Wichita, and the surrounding areas, check out our trusted Conklin car dealership. Visit our website at for more information on our services and customer testimonials.

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