Working from home can seem like a dream come true, especially if you are a sole trader or run your own business and don’t have a boss to answer to. But while working in your sweats with the TV on and a fridge full of snacks can seem like a dream for a few weeks or even months, eventually the novelty wears off. Many home workers find that they miss colleagues, or just being around people, and over time you can start to feel like you are going a little stir-crazy living and working in the same space. The good news is there’s plenty that you can do to avoid cabin fever and keep the work-from-home dream alive. 

Work Out of the House

Working from home doesn’t have to mean that you always work from home. A good business laptop and internet connection mean that most of us can work from almost anywhere. Joining a co-working space can be a great way to meet new people and get all of the benefits of working in an office, without having to actually do it. Other great options include working in libraries, coffee shops, and other community spaces, many of which offer free WI-FI. 

Even working remotely away from home for a few hours a week can have a big impact on your mood. 

Connect with Other Home Workers

Whether you do it in a co-working space or online, connecting with other home workers is a great way to feel less alone, and to get the perks of an office community. Social media is a great place to find other remote workers if you don’t know any in real life or live in a remote area which makes connection difficult. 


One of the best ways to care for your mental health and reduce cabin fever is exercise. Exercise reduces stress, boosts our mood, and helps us to feel alert and focused. If you are suffering from cabin fever, you might feel frustrated or restless. Going for a run or walk outdoors can help you to burn this off, or something like yoga can ease tension and stress. 

Go Out for Lunch

Going out for lunch is a great way to break up your day, and it’ll mean that you never spend the whole day in your house. Meeting friends for lunch is a great way to socialize, but you shouldn’t do this every day. Try going for a walk during your break, or even eating in your garden when the weather is nice. 

Work When It Suits You

The beauty of working from home, especially if you work for yourself, is that you can be flexible. If you can, working early in the day can free up your evenings to socialize and get out of the house. 

Find Some Background Noise

Some people need silence to work. Others find ambient noises help them to focus. Some people like to work to music, and others feel more at ease with a favorite TV show on in the background. Find some background noise that helps you to feel less alone. 

If you work from home as an employee, one option might be asking if you can return to the office for one day every week or so. This can help you to get the best of both worlds and avoid cabin fever completely. 

By Manali

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