A best man’s job is to keep the groom grounded until their big day. They throw a killer stag party, help pick out a suit, and make a fool out of themselves when they give a “great” speech. For all their hard work, they deserve something special to say thank you. There are countless gifts out there to suit all personalities, but here are our top six picks. 


Just because you’re enhancing rings with your other half, it doesn’t mean your best man can’t get in on the action. Perhaps your best man has piercings – get them a stylish set of earrings. Maybe they’ve been wearing the same chain since high school – a trendy new chain may work the trick. Are their fingers looking bare? Get them a personalised ring. You can find the most stunning collections at a jewellers Hertfordshire.

Whiskey Stone Set

For being your rock during the stressful run-up to your wedding and on the day, why not treat yourself to whiskey rocks that never disappear? Whiskey stones come in all shapes and sizes, and they often come packed in a stylish box or bag. Your best man can pop them into the freezer, and they’ll keep his drink cold without watering it down. 

Cuff Links

There’s no denying your best man’s going to look dapper on your wedding day, but they need to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen. Finish his look by getting him a set of stylish cuff links. There are tons of different styles out there, but we suggest going for a personalised set with their initials branded on. As well as keeping it classy for your wedding, they’ll look fierce at any future fancy affair. 

Poker Set

If your best man likes to host game nights, but doesn’t have a proper set of poker, get him a gift set with cards and chips. If you haven’t had your bachelor party, consider giving him this gift on the night. What better way to celebrate your “last night of freedom” than with a cheeky game of Texas Hold ‘Em. 

Beard Grooming Set

If your best man is passionate about his facial hair, get him a beard grooming set. You won’t break the bank with this gift, but your best man will have all the oil, wax, trimmers, and combs he needs to keep his fuzz looking sharp. 


You know your best man inside and out. Ask yourself – are they good at timekeeping? If the answer is a resounding no, consider getting them a stylish watch to keep them on track. After all, they need to know what time your ceremony takes place. You don’t need to break the bank with this one, just check out these best budget watches.

Your best man has your back when it comes to your wedding, even if they don’t like your choice of bride. Tell your best man thank-you in style by getting them a thoughtful gift, like one from the list above. 

By Manali

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