A lot of things go into owning a new home: knowing how to clean specific surfaces, what steps to take to maintain resale value, where you can economize … the list goes on.

If you are new to being a homeowner, it can be a lot to take in. Luckily, we’re here to fill in the gaps–we’ve even got a handy list of home maintenance tips for new homeowners that you can start putting into practice immediately.

Check out our guide to learn everything you need about essential home maintenance to keep your newly purchased home in prime condition.

1. Regular Cleaning

A regular cleaning schedule is key to keeping your home in top shape. Vacuuming carpets, dusting, and cleaning away cobwebs are necessary. Cleaning also helps keep the air inside the home fresher and cleaner.

Getting into the habit of regular cleaning can help ensure that your new home continues to look its best. Don’t forget about interior walls, too – wiping them down with a damp cloth can help keep them looking fresh and help prevent dust from building up.

Consider washing curtains, linens, and drapes in the washing machine to remove dust and dirt. Or you can opt for home repairs and change your windows with shutters, shades, or blinds. You can check Houston Window Experts for more references.

2. Test Your Home System Yearly

Test your home’s systems yearly to ensure they are working properly. Always check the air-conditioning, furnace, water heater, and smoke detectors to ensure they are running efficiently.

Having a checklist of what needs to be tested is also a good idea, as taking the time to do the necessary checks. Doing so will ensure that the homeowner is safe and that our home systems are working at their peak efficiency.

3. Maintain the Exterior of Your Home

Maintain the home’s exterior by keeping it clean and in good repair. This includes regular cleaning of gutters, trimming trees and bushes, and replacing worn-out roof tiles.

Clean downspouts and gutters at least twice a year to prevent water damage to the home. Check the roof from time to time to ensure the shingles are in good condition. Check weatherstripping around windows and doorframes to make sure it’s sealed.

Repaint and caulk around the home’s exterior to maintain its beauty, and prune trees and shrubs to keep them healthy. Create a regular schedule of exterior maintenance, such as an annual inspection of the roof, windows, and siding.

4. Inspect Plumbing Periodically

Inspect plumbing from time to time for potential leaks or blockages. Cleaning traps under sinks and running water through the pipes helps to make sure the plumbing is draining well.

Start with the basics, such as looking for leaks, blockages, rust, or weak joints. Test faucets and toilets to make sure everything is working well.

Inspect water heaters for signs of rust or leaking. Make a note of any slow-draining sinks or low water pressure and have a professional address it if needed.

If the pipe leaks, immediately turn off the main water valve and contact a plumber. Taking proactive measures and following regular plumbing maintenance can help detect a potential problem that can help save maintenance costs and repair in the long run.

5. Change Your Filters

Be aware of the importance of changing air filters every few months. Dirty air filters clog up the system and impede airflow, leading to higher energy costs. To keep the system running well, check the air filter every month for dirt and dust buildup, and change the filter when it is noticeably dirty.

Be sure to use the same size, type, and filter material as the previous one. Changing the filters regularly helps maintain energy efficiency, increases the life of heating and cooling units, and reduces pollutants in the house. Additionally, interior air quality will be improved if filters are kept clean.

6. Test Your Water Pressure

A simple way to test water pressure is to fill a bucket or vessel with water and then attach a pressure gauge to the bucket or vessel. Record the results to determine if the pressure is within an acceptable range. If the pressure is too low, it could indicate a worn-out pressure regulator.

A plumber should be contacted if the pressure is too low to examine and replace the pressure regulator. Additionally, checking the pressure gauge on an outdoor hose bib is an additional way to test the water pressure in a home.

If the pressure is too high, it is recommended to install a pressure regulator. Testing the water pressure in a home regularly and regularly maintaining the pressure regulator ensures that the home has reliable and safe water pressure.

7. Service Your Garage Door

Homeowners should not neglect their garage door when it comes to home maintenance. A neglected garage door can create major problems later on.

A common step in maintenance is to perform a safety inspection. Check the garage door and opener’s operation, and perform a visual inspection of the door, including tracks, springs, rollers, mounting hardware, and lubrication.

Hiring a professional to complete the inspection is important; experts are familiar with potential problems and can provide the necessary adjustments that’ll help keep your garage door running smoothly. If you notice any issues with the door, it’s recommended that you get it serviced immediately.

8. Prevent Pests

Prevent pests by identifying any openings or cracks where pests may be able to enter your home. These include windows, doors, and plumbing. Seal any known openings with caulk and weather stripping.

Keep your gutters clear of debris so that standing water does not attract pests. Ensure all outdoor trash cans are sealed and stored away from your home.

Do not leave food or water sitting outside. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from your house, and pick up pet waste regularly.

Follow This Home Maintenance Tips

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and maintenance is one of the most important steps to ensure a safe and secure home. New homeowners should take the initiative to keep up with the necessary home maintenance to keep their homes in tip-top shape.

Follow these simple maintenance tips, and you’ll save time and money while keeping your home in the best condition. You can make your home beautiful and secure with the right tools and maintenance.

Get started today and make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

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