A smile is something that can be incredibly beautiful and welcoming. It can put people at ease, make you appear approachable and fill you with confidence. So, what happens if smiling is something you don’t feel confident doing? Perhaps you tend to look down, smile without showing your teeth or avoid it altogether? If you wish you had the kind of sparkling smile celebrities do, the good news is that it’s achievable. Here are five ways you can get a beautiful-looking smile.

Use the Proper Tools to Brush Your Teeth

Simply brushing your teeth twice a day may seem like enough but if you aren’t using the proper tools then you won’t get the maximum benefit. Ideally, you want to use an electric toothbrush, as these do a more thorough job; teeth whitening toothpaste; mouthwash to kill any leftover bacteria; and floss to get rid of food and tartar stuck between the teeth.

Visit the Dentist Regularly for Check-Ups

Even if you think your teeth are perfectly healthy and you don’t have any cavities, that doesn’t mean you should skip your regular check-up with the dentist. They will be able to stay on top of your oral healthy making sure to catch any red flags as they pop up. You’ll also get a much deeper cleaning at the dentist than you can do at home.

Align Your Teeth with Braces

For those with crooked teeth, overbite or underbite, braces can be a fabulous solution. These will re-align your teeth, giving you a perfect smile. You may want to look into invisible clear aligners that are more discreet if the thought of braces makes you cringe.

Professional Teeth Whitening Offers Stunning Results

If the at-home treatments aren’t cutting it for you, you have stubborn stains that have built up over the years, and you want instant results, then professional teeth whitening is a great option. Today there are a few different methods in terms of professional teeth whitening and all will offer more impactful results than an at-home treatment. The most important tip is to visit a dentist with experience in teeth whitening, such as northwickmanordental.co.uk, to ensure the results are exactly what you want.  

Keep in mind that professional teeth whitening results won’t last forever so the best plan is to keep up with your regular visits to the dentist and book maintenance teeth whitening appointments when needed.

Crowns Can Address Problem Teeth

Sometimes, even with professional whitening, you may have a tooth or teeth that are still badly stained or a shape that doesn’t flatter your smile. In this case, a crown can be placed over the existing tooth to give the illusion of perfection. Crowns are also used when a tooth is damaged or broken.

There’s no reason to feel self-conscious when it comes to your smile, as these tips will help you to achieve the ultimate Hollywood-worthy grin. The key will be keeping up with your efforts and not allowing things to slide.

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