If you’re a beauty nut, you must have come across Hawaiian beauty products. They have a wide range of therapeutic properties for the human skin. Hawaiian beauty products are named so because many of their ingredients are native to the island of Hawaii in the United States.

Key among such ingredients is the Kukui nut. Its oil is responsible for the many endearing benefits of Hawaiian beauty products. Kukui nut oil can bestow glowing skin to its users. Many beauty experts consider it a secret recipe for skin rejuvenation.

Kukui Nut Oil: An Ancient Beauty Secret

Natives of the island of Hawaii know the Kukui nut only too well. A part of the spurge plant family, this nut is crucial for many aspects of life for the people of this island. In addition to its consumption as food, the Kukui nuts are a source of oil that is beneficial to the human skin. The skin-nourishing characteristics of this nut that the natives of Hawaii discovered centuries ago are still integral to manufacturing many types of skin lotions to this day.

The candlenut tree produces nutty fruits (Kukui nuts) from which oil is extracted. The early inhabitants of Hawaii used it for many religious purposes. However, they gradually discovered that the Kukui nut oil had benefits for the skin. Even today, those that use the Kukui nut oil, whether raw or as part of a beauty product, can expect to experience its benefits. These benefits include:

1) Skin Moisturization

If you have dry skin, Kukui nut oil could just be the solution for you. It is rich in ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin. Whether it is used as massage oil or lotion, expect your skin to glow from head to toe. If you live in areas with a dry climate, Kukui nut oil could be your answer to constant dry skin due to harsh weather conditions like dust. Given that it is easily absorbed into the skin, you can expect to see results fairly quickly after you start using this oil.

2) Reduces Skin Inflammation

Skin inflammation is when the body reacts to a certain environmental or internal stimulus. This reaction can manifest as itching, swelling, redness, or a feeling of light sensation across the skin. Skin inflammation can happen quickly or gradually. Stress and extreme environmental factors like high temperatures can all cause skin inflammation. Kukui nut oil is adept at helping to reduce such inflammation. With its unique, natural blend of lipids, Kukui nut oil can soothe inflamed skin. It has similar anti-inflammatory effects on sore muscles and joints when gently massaged into the skin.

3) Helps to Soothe Certain Skin Conditions Like Eczema

Eczema is a non-contagious skin condition that causes itching, redness, and distinct patches. It can be exceedingly frustrating for sufferers, not only because of the itching but also the unsightly skin patches. By regularly massaging Kukui nut oil into the affected skin areas, its moisturizing effects help to soothe the itching.

4) Reduces Wrinkles

Your skin is exposed to many factors in the environment, some of which are harmful in the long term. Things like ultraviolet (UV) rays, extreme heat, and other harmful environmental factors all lead to the gradual degradation of your skin’s appearance. As a result of these environmental stressors, highly reactive molecular compounds begin to damage the genetic material that is responsible for skin regeneration. This is the major cause of wrinkles. Kukui nut oil contains antioxidants, the antidote to the highly- reactive compounds that cause wrinkles. By using this oil regularly, you’ll help to maintain your skin’s youthfulness by significantly reducing the level of environmental stress it.

Can Kukui Oil Be Used Raw?

Most of the aforementioned benefits of Kukui nut oil can be derived by using skin care products that contain it. However, raw Kukui nut oil can be just as effective at bestowing these benefits. If you have access to Kukui nuts, you can have a decent amount of its oil in as little as an hour.

To prepare your homemade ration of Kukui nut oil, get the nuts and put them in a container full of water. Pick only the nuts that sink to the bottom.

Crack the nuts with a hammer to remove the meat inside. Once you’ve extracted its meat, heat it in the oven for about 15 minutes. Cool the mixture, then use a porous piece of cloth to extract the oil from it. 

You can immediately begin using this extracted oil on your skin

Kukui nut oil is an amazing product. This Hawaiian beauty secret is beneficial not only for your skin but also hair. Whether you prefer its natural form or its manufactured beauty products, expect to reap its full benefits when using any one of them.

By Manali

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