There’s a big trend right now in the interior design and architecture space to create rooms, spaces and homes that work to make the home more functional for the inhabitants. By incorporating ideas and interior design aspects that serve function over form, the idea of a more functional home can start to take shape. Here are a few ways you can apply this functional home thinking in small ways to make your home more functional without having to spend much at all.

Rethink Home Lighting

Lighting is an excellent place to start when it comes to making spaces more functional. Take a walk around your home once the sun has gone down and make notes of where spaces feel dark and where your home’s lighting is ineffective or where additional task lighting is needed. Do the same exercise during the day for spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light.

Use your notes and make changes to the lighting in your home by changing light fittings and fixtures that aren’t working properly, or even by adding additional ones if you need them. Electrical supply wholesalers have a large range of options for you to choose from, so browse their offerings for something that works for you. 

Reorganise Your Cupboard Space

Next, tackle all the cupboards. Go cupboard by cupboard and pull out everything in them, clean them out thoroughly and then take a step back. Is that cupboard the best one for whatever was in it to go back or would they work better and be more functional if they were shuffled around? Would adding an extra shelf into the cupboard make things fit better than they did before? What about adding a small storage bin to the inside cupboard door?

Consider every aspect of each cupboard before you repack it. And before you do pack everything back into the cupboard, look at what was in it and consider decluttering before it goes back

Get Rid of Clutter

We’re all guilty of hoarding to a certain extent, no matter how much we claim the opposite. We all have a drawer or cupboard full of things we’re holding onto just in case we need them and if you’re honest about it, you’re likely never going to. This might be electrical cables or it might be clothes that are too small or too big. These are all prime and ready for a good decluttering exercise. You’ll free up space and other things from around the home can take the place of clutter.

Once you’ve done an honest decluttering of your home, your cupboards won’t be brimming with things you’re holding onto just in case, and that means that they’ll be more organised, and there isn’t a better example of something being more functional than that.

It doesn’t take a lot to turn chaos into order around the home. Usually, an investment in some time and effort can take a space that you find yourself fighting for control with to something that works effectively for you. Functional living spaces are the future.

By Manali

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