Let’s assume you deal in temperature-sensitive or perishable products such as ice cream, chocolate, cheese, or pharmaceuticals. Most likely, you already have a cold storage system to keep your products at the right temperature and protect them from spoilage.

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Frankly, though, is it logical to invest in cold storage services? What’s the catch? You’ll be glad you chanced upon this post if you’re seeking answers. Here’s our take on reasons why such services make sense:

1. Minimizes the Risk of Food Poisoning

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 48 million people suffer from food poisoning in the US annually. Sadly, 3,000 of them die. The cost of medical treatment, including lost productivity, is estimated at over $150 billion annually. Going by these numbers, it’s clear that food poisoning is a huge problem every business needs to address.

Incidences of food poisoning often arise from consuming food stored or prepared under unsanitary conditions. Storing perishable products at the wrong temperature puts them at risk of being contaminated with bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning. Hence, to promote food safety, temperature control is key.

Cold storage services help to keep food safe by keeping it at a consistent, low temperature. This prevents bacteria from growing and slows down existing bacteria’s growth. As a result, such services can be pivotal to preventing food poisoning.

2. Keeps Perishable Products Fresh Longer

Perishable items such as meat, dairy, seafood, and produce can go bad quickly if not properly stored. Besides, a power outage or malfunctioning refrigerator could cause these items to spoil within hours.

When you invest in a cold storage service, your products can remain fresh for longer. These experts use state-of-the-art equipment to keep products at optimal temperatures, even during outages.

And if you plan to ship perishables in bulk, such a provider can usually handle the increased volume. As a result, they can store your products’ properly, ensuring they don’t go bad during transit.

3. Helps Reduce Wastage and Boosts Your Bottom Line

When you have a large stock of perishable items, there’s always the risk that some of them will go bad before they hit the market. Such wastage directly affects your bottom line.

A cold storage service allows you to store products for long periods until you’re ready to ship them to your customers. This way, you don’t have to worry about the products going bad before you can sell them.

What’s more? By consolidating your shipment of perishable products, such a service can save you some dough. Otherwise, you’d have to ship smaller quantities more frequently to prevent wastage, which would be quite costly.

Similarly, a cold storage warehouse tends to be cost-efficient. Think of the energy cost of running multiple fridges or your business’ storage unit. Plus, your storage may not be sufficient for your needs.

And have we mentioned that storage units take up space that you could otherwise put to better use? In short, a cold storage facility frees up valuable space, allowing your business to focus on what it’s great at – providing top-tier products and exceeding customer expectations.

Similarly, storage services tend to be more energy efficient and allow you to leverage their economies of scale. By so doing, they can help you to keep your costs low.

4. Prevents a Logistical Nightmare

How you handle the process of creating, packaging, storing, transporting, and delivering products can largely determine your business’s success. A streamlined process can help you to get products to market faster and reduce operational costs.

Unfortunately, most businesses lack the infrastructure to handle their logistics effectively. This often leads to inefficiencies and delays, which can impact customer perception and experience.

Working with a cold storage service provider can ensure perishable or temperature-sensitive products get to your distributors on time. Plus, they often offer other value-added services such as packaging and transportation. Essentially, that’s a weight off your shoulders – the service prevents delays that could cost you dearly.

From these pointers, it’s evident that cold storage services are quite handy – from boosting efficiency by delivering products in the right condition to your customers to keeping your business humming. If your business deals with the products we’ve discussed, consider using such cold storage services. You owe it to your customers, at the very least. Also, if you are suffering from a storage problem for your business you can prefer Storage Winsford to solve your problem.

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