If you’re a homeowner in Portland, Oregon, you can expect to spend under $650 for professional tree removal. Of course, several factors will determine the cost of tree removal and other such services. Professional tree services in Portland, Oregon, involve every aspect of tree maintenance. 

What Exactly Constitutes Tree Service?

Professionals in the tree service business are concerned with ensuring a tree’s good health by doing certain things that promote it. Professional tree services include:

I) Planting: Tree planting, while seemingly easy, involves several considerations. For example, you’ll need to know sun patterns in your area and water access. Of course, you can always plant a tree yourself. However, having the expertise of an arborist makes this easier, ensuring the long-term health of a tree.

ii) Stump removal: Stump removal can be messy and dangerous. You don’t want to risk damage to surrounding trees or structures. Physical injury is also a risk. Professional tree service includes safely removing stumps using the right machinery. 

iii) Emergency tree removal: Phenomena like storms, floods, or accidents can result in fallen tree branches that can damage structures like electrical poles. Professional tree services can help clean up such a mess quickly and safely.

iv) Leveling land: If you need to clear a piece of land for construction, a professional tree service can help. Helping to properly remove rotting tree root systems without significantly disturbing the soil plane can present challenges. A professional tree service ensures that all such projects are carried out properly. 

v) Assessing a tree’s general health: Sometimes, a tree may need pruning or significant removal of its diseased parts. Only an experienced arborist with the required skills can give an honest, professional opinion about managing a tree condition appropriately.

Average Tree Service Costs in Portland

Different tree services have different costs. Below is a list of some tree services and their prices.

Tree Stump Removal

This involves the removal of a tree stump to its roots. Usually, arborists may grind the tree stump in bits of wood before hauling it away. Alternatively, they can uproot it using tools like a pick mattock and a digging bar. Expect to pay about $275 for the removal of an average-sized tree stump.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning involve the removal of unwanted or dead tree parts. For example, some branches or roots may become invasive, growing in unwanted directions. Trimming and pruning are the best ways of dealing with such stray branches. An average-sized tree will cost between $80 and $300 to prune.

These are the main services offered by tree service professionals. Doing all these things helps to ensure the general health of a tree. Sometimes, a disease may infect a particular tree branch. Removing it may be the only way of ensuring the tree’s longevity. Pruning is also necessary to ensure that trees develop healthier and sturdier structures. Sometimes, you may want an arborist to simply check a tree’s health. This is also part of a professional tree service. A licensed arborist can charge as much as $200 just to examine a tree and determine its health condition.

Factors That Determine Tree Service Costs 

What you pay for professional tree services will depend on several factors. These include:

1) Location

A tree that is in an open field with no obstacles close to it is easier to remove or attend to compared to one close to a building or an electrical pole. Professional tree service contractors will charge more for trees near building structures due to the increased risk of damage to these structures.

2) Region

A region with a lot of trees means there is a demand for tree services. Usually, there will be enough companies offering such services. As such, you’ll not pay over the top for professional tree services in such areas. If you live far away from the nearest tree service company, you’ll most likely pay higher charges if they have to come to your location to offer their services.

3) Size 

The size and height of the tree to be worked on are also crucial. For example, if the cost of removing a 5-meter tall tree is $200, expect to pay at least twice as much for dealing with a 15-meter tall one with a wide trunk. 

4) Method

Usually, a professional tree service contractor will want to visit the tree site before beginning work. Such a visit ensures that they can gauge the full scope of the work. During such an assessment, the tree service professional will determine which kind of tools are needed and how best to handle the problem. For example, tree stump removal is usually charged per diameter inch of the stump. If the tree professional has to use a tree excavator, you’ll pay more for this service compared to when a mattock is used. 

All in all, ensure to have a budget of at least a few hundred dollars if you need professional tree services.

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