For those who own a home in Australia, chances are that they probably have a TV. A lot of people do. It’s such an integral part of their daily lives that it’s hard to imagine life without it. But what if people wanted to upgrade their TV? Or what if they decided to go with a different brand? If people are considering buying a new TV, why not rent one? Here are some reasons why leasing or considering a TV to rent might be better than buying:

  • Price

If Australians are looking to save money, renting is a good option. People can rent a TV for as little as $20 per week and then return it after 30 days or when their rental contract ends. This will save them hundreds of dollars compared to buying one outright, especially if they plan on selling or donating the unit when the lease is up. If money isn’t an issue or people want to invest in high-quality equipment without paying upfront costs, then buying may be better suited for their needs. However, with the rise in TV prices and various brands looking to dominate the market with the latest tech, buying a TV might take time, considering the finances of most Australian homes. Getting a TV to rent is the best option for an average Australian family that is too pressed on a budget.

  • Wear And Tear

Renting is a better option than buying if people don’t plan on keeping the TV for more than a few years. Renting is cheaper because of the lack of wear and tear, which can be a big benefit if they have children or pets who might get rough with the electronics. Customers don’t have to worry about repairs either; a damaged rental TV will be replaced when it breaks down.

It’s also worth noting that some manufacturers offer warranties for their TVs that extend beyond one year, which can help with repair costs if something goes wrong with the screen after people have owned it for over 12 months.

  • Repair

If customers buy a TV, they will have to pay for repairs. Repair costs are often more than the cost of buying a new TV. It is better to rent the TV than buy one because if something goes wrong, they can return it and get another without paying for repairs.

  • Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing is a form of financing for businesses and organisations that allows them to acquire new equipment, machinery and technology on a lease basis. Equipment leasing is also available to private individuals or families who may want to purchase an asset like a car or boat but can’t afford it outright.

  • Convenience

Renting a TV is convenient for several reasons. As mentioned above, Australians won’t have to worry about repair bills or depreciation. Plus, they’ll be able to watch the latest shows in their own home without having to go through the hassle of setting up a new receiver every time they move into a different home.


Renting is a great way to get quality equipment without worrying about depreciation. Depreciation is when people use something for its intended purpose, and then it’s no longer as valuable as it was when they first purchased it. People can think of depreciation as the opposite of appreciation when something’s value increases over time (like with artwork).

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