How to Get Snapchat Butterfly Mood Lens on Snapchat: Know How?


Jan 16, 2023

Hello, Gen Z! Already getting bored of the available lens and filters on Snapchat? Good news for y’all. Snapchat has introduced the new Butterfly Mood Lens, taking the entire community by storm. The Butterfly Snapchat filter transforms your appearance like a butterfly while changing the shot’s colours and transforming the shape of your face to resemble a butterfly’s wings. It’s a genuinely stunning transformation. Moreover, it alters the hues of your eyes, nose, and mouth in such a way that people are already calling it “the most beautiful lens.”

Snapchat is all about lenses and snap streaks. Snapchat claims that over 250,000 content creators have made over 2.5 million lenses for use within the app. That’s an enormous amount, and there’s a good possibility you have yet to see 1% of the lenses available within the app. Some lenses are among the greatest, and some you probably won’t like. However, the Butterfly lens is now a well-known filter. In keeping with the theme established by the title, the images are enhanced with the help of butterflies. There are now many butterfly lenses on Snapchat, which differ little from their original versions. But you’ll have to unlock it before you can give it a try. Let’s look at how to get butterfly lenses on Snapchat and how to use them.

What Is The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat?

The Butterfly Lens is one of Snapchat’s most popular lenses. As its name suggests, users can add many butterflies flying in and around their faces on the snaps. The highlight? You can easily add the same in both pictures and videos. When using the Lens, you will encounter animated butterflies; they seem highly cool and can also command them to fly all over your body. Important to note in this regard is that there are multiple ways to locate this Lens on Snapchat; however, you must first unlock the Lens on the platform before you can identify it.

How Do You Unlock Snapchat’s Butterflies Lens?

Instead of searching “how to unlock Snapchat butterfly filter” on Google and requesting assistance, scroll down to learn how to do it yourself.

Request That Your Friend Share The Link

Asking friends currently using the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat is one of the simplest ways to unlock the Lens. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Look through your Snapchat friend list for friends and acquaintances using Lens.
  • They can easily share this Lens with you; you only need the URL to unlock the filter before you begin using it.
  • Request that your friend opens the Snapchat app, select the Butterflies Lens option and tap the share button.
  • They will receive the URL, which they may then copy and provide to you via chat.
  • Once you receive the URL, you can click on it, and Snapchat will instantly enable the Butterflies Lens. After that, you can begin using the Lens.

Snapcode for The Butterflies Lens

SnapCode is a QR Code used by Snapchat to share lenses and similar content. Therefore, if you discover the Snap Code for the Butterflies Lens, scan the code using your Snap Tab to initiate the Snapchat unlock process. How to do that? Follow the instructions below.

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your mobile device.
  • Launch Snapchat’s camera and then select a lens.
  • Scan the Snap Code for the Butterflies Lens now.
  • This will permit access to the Lens. Then, tap the Lens icon after scanning the code.
  • You will immediately see butterflies flying across your entire face.

Unlock From URL

To unlock the butterflies Lens on Snapchat, it is also necessary to open the URL. Follow the instructions listed below to unlock the URL.

  • Once you have the URL, you must then click on the link.
  • If you perform this action on a mobile device, the URL will open immediately and require you to unlock the Lens.
  • If you perform the same action on a mobile device, the URL will open in your browser.
  • A webpage with the Snap code for accessing the Butterfly Lens will load when you click the link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I access a lens link?

To unlock a lens connection, tap on it, and a dialogue will appear with the choice to open it for a limited time. When you click Unlock, you’ll be able to utilise that Lens.

How many Butterfly Lenses does Snapchat offer?

There are currently unknown, but many butterfly lenses on Snapchat as the photo-sharing app allows users to create their filters. Consequently, numerous users have constructed multiple butterfly lenses.

How can I remove the Snapchat butterfly filter?

To remove the butterfly filter on Snapchat, open the butterfly lens and hit the I button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. A selection of options will appear in a pop-up window. Just click on the Remove lens option, and then press the button to remove, and the Lens will be removed from your app.

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