Sometimes people see their water come out brownish in color and then they do not understand what it could be at that point. When you see something like this, it shows that your water is already discolored. 


When you see that your water has gotten to this point, what do you do? That is exactly what we would be checking out in this article; what to do when your water is discolored and also we’ll see the causes of discolored water. If you have any plumbing issues, do not hesitate to involve Plumber in Staten island| H&A plumbing.

Causes Of Discolored Water

Have you been wondering what is making your water brownish in color? Let’s check out some of the possible causes of this situation.

Rust pipes

This is seen to be the major cause of brownish water in the home. Your pipes might have gotten to that point when they begin to rust and therefore, the particles end up accumulating which would in turn make your water to become brownish in color. Note that iron particles in your water might not be harmful in the early stages of this occurrence but there is a tendency that it becomes dangerous if it gets highly concentrated.

Accumulation of molds

Molds are capable of making your water colored and also can give it an unpleasant odor. Molds are more like particles that have built up overtime in the pipe, they include bacteria build ups and a mixture of rust particles. All of these together are capable of giving you water a colored look.

Dirty tank

Some people can use water tanks for years and still not deem it fit to wash the tanks. Don’t forget that presence of water in a container would make it overly slippery and from their particles would build up, dust would accumulate if the tank gets dry and then you still fill it up again. With time, you would begin to see brownish water. 

What Do You Do When You Discover Your Water Is Discolored?

There are a few things that you could do when you discover this, they include:

Run your tap for more than 10 minutes

How does this sound to you? Well, it is something that would help. Run your tap for more than ten minutes so that you would be able to take out all of the brownish water. These dirt particles might not be so much so it is quite possible to take out all of them when you open your tap.

Check your neighbors tank

This should be when you notice that even after running the tap for more than ten minutes, you still find out that the water is in a colored state. It is important to check your neighbors tap to know if it is a general problem or something that has to do with one of the pipes that connects in your home. It could be that rust is already building up somewhere.

Check your water tank

This is very important as your tank could be very dirty and as a result causing colored water. If you find out that your tank is dirty then you should reach out to a professional who would help you with the washing process.

Call a plumber

If your pipes are rusty or there are molds building up then you should call an engineer before it goes out of hand. Only a plumber would be able to apply the right treatment process to ensure that your water becomes clean again.

Now you know all of these, do not hesitate to do the needful when you notice colored water. It could be dangerous so do not take it with levity.

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