Many people engage in sexual activity without intending to become parents, and there are more ways than ever to avoid becoming pregnant. Both men and women can avoid getting pregnant by using birth control. 

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There are numerous different birth control options. You may choose the best approach for you and your partner by evaluating your alternatives. Don’t hesitate to use birth control if you are sexually active and don’t want to have children. Whenever you engage in unprotected sex, you run the risk of getting pregnant.

The following details some various birth control options. Talk about birth control with your partner and your healthcare practitioner before deciding on a method. 

Note that birth control measures only work successfully when they are done in the right way. Ensure you are well informed about how to apply the selected method. 

  • The best method of birth control and STD prevention is Abstinence, which is the only method that is 100% successful. If you’re not ready to have children, don’t allow someone to pressure you into having sex. It is a significant choice that will have lasting emotional and mental effects on you. 
  • Fertility Awareness: There are particular days during the menstrual cycle when pregnancy is more conceivable. Fertility awareness, commonly referred to as natural family planning or the rhythm technique, is the practice of avoiding sexual activity that could result in pregnancy during such days. 
  • Withdrawal Method: Before ejaculating, the withdrawal, or “pull-out,” procedure includes extracting the penis from the vagina. According to the OWH, this approach is 78% Trusted. Pre-ejaculate entering the vagina and the presence of semen near the vagina or on the hands can result in pregnancy.
  • Outercourse: This can be defined in two different ways. The first is non-vaginal penetration sexual activity. 

The other is non-penetrative sexual activity. Masturbation, manual stimulation, Kissing, body-to-body rubbing, fantasizing, oral and anal sex, and sex toys are a few examples of outercourse without vaginal penetration. 

With the perfect application, this strategy can be almost entirely successful, although this is challenging to do. Pregnancy is likely to occur if semen or pre-ejaculate is found on the hands, a sex object, or near the vagina.

  • Barrier Methods: Sponges, the diaphragm, condoms, and the cervical cap or shield are a few examples. They can be used independently or together with any other birth control method.

Importance Of Birth Control Methods 

Anytime you engage in penis-in-vagina sex, also known as vaginal sex, particularly the first time you do so, you risk becoming pregnant. Use birth control if you have had or anticipate having vaginal intercourse in the future and don’t want to become pregnant. 

There are several birth control methods. Some are more effective than others. However, using any form of birth control is better than using none at all. Without using birth control, those who engage in vaginal intercourse have an 85% chance of becoming pregnant within a short time.

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