If you’re an entrepreneur and want a business idea that is affordable and effortless to run, starting a sandwich venture is among the top viable options. The start-up costs of a sandwich business are reasonable, and investors are willing to back up sandwich businesses because they are tried and tested brand models with fewer risks of crumbling.

More importantly, whether or not you have enough capital to start, sandwich franchise opportunities are available to help you establish and run a thriving sandwich venture anywhere, anytime. But, because you’ll come across many companies that offer franchise opportunities, finding the largest brand and one you can always depend on can still be challenging. As a result, let’s explore some of the leading sandwich franchises, such as jonsmithsubsfranchise.com, and find the largest among them.

The Leading Sandwich Franchise Companies

Before and after the pandemic, sandwich franchise companies were already taking the world by storm with more takeout and deliveries. But as these companies grew, some became the leading and most recognized because of reliable services and expansion speed.


Subway is among the leading sandwich franchise brands for reasons such as its regarded as the undisputed king of sandwich business chains in terms of the number of locations and its surprising rank in sales. 

The brand sales surpass other famous food brands such as McDonald’s and have grown and succeeded despite being a privately –held company. Founded in the 1960s, Subway has gained a large number of sandwich franchise businesses amounting to over forty-four thousand locations as of 2016 and is expected to increase in the future.

The Arby’s

Arby’s is also among the leading sandwich franchises taking the world by storm due to its success and fame for offering meat-based vegetable sandwiches. 

The company is known for its unique sandwich designs that look like carrots. Since its beginning in 1964, the Arby’s sandwich franchise has grown with a considerable number of locations totaling over three thousand inside and outside the United States.

The Jimmy John’s

As part of the leading sandwich franchises, Jimmy John’s is famous for being the sandwich franchise brand known for offering the best sandwiches for college students. The brand has been around since 1980 and does offer its sandwich services differently.

 It doesn’t provide oven-baked sandwiches but most people’s favorite sandwiches – the provolone sandwiches. Since its inception, the Jimmy John’s sandwich franchise has grown and expanded with many locations over the past ten years. The brand currently has over two thousand successful sandwich businesses around the United States.

The Jersey Mike’s Sandwich Subs

As part of the leading sandwich franchises worldwide, the Jersey Sandwich Subs gained fame and success, especially from the media’s attention for selling delicious and most people’s favorite sandwiches. 

Plus, the brand is a viable option for taking your franchise opportunity. As you start and run your brand, you get creative business promotion deals, business story streaming apps, and other marketing strategies. In the end, your sandwich business effortlessly succeeds regardless of its size and location.

The Largest Sandwich Franchise

Regardless of the many sandwich franchises around the globe, the largest among them is defined by its success story, the unique features franchisees benefit from, and its provision of delicious and most people’s favorite sandwiches since the company’s inception. 

As a result, the Jon Smith Subs takes the lead as the largest sandwich franchise. And apart from having a successful story, the brand is the largest for reasons such as the following.

It’s Famed for Providing More High-Quality Sandwiches than Other Franchises

According to research by the National Restaurant Association, the Jon Smith Subs franchise is the leading sandwich franchise due to key indicators from multiple market analyzers. The company is noted to have sales exceeding over seven thousand billion dollars and franchises worldwide. 

In addition, franchisees working with the company reported that the entry levels of franchise businesses taken from the brand are also succeeding due to the brand’s famous delicious sandwiches.

On top of that, once you take a franchise opportunity from the Jon Smith Subs, the brand puts you on the fast track to success with the help of world-class training and ongoing support. This way, marketing and running your new sandwich start-up is effortless, thus the high odds of success regardless of the size and location of your business.

It Offers Authentic and Fresh Sandwich Ingredients to Its Franchisees

Besides providing reliable marketing support, the Jon Smith Subs franchisees also enjoy natural and fresh ingredients enabling them to make people’s favorite sandwiches all the time. Some of the ingredients franchisees enjoy include marinated meats, varieties of cheeses, and condiments.

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