There has been an increase in the popularity and use of marijuana in recent years. This rise in adoption can be traced to the legalization of the substance by many states across the US. Despite the legalization, some states only recognize marijuana for medicinal use, thus the term “medical marijuana.”

Marijuana can be used for both medical and recreational use. Medical marijuana is focused on helping more people to improve their health and wellness. Unlike recreational marijuana, you’ll be tasked with finding a medical marijuana doctor in Baton Rouge to get a marijuana card before qualifying for medical marijuana use. 

Here are the major things to know if you’re wondering how medical marijuana differs from recreational marijuana and why you need a recommendation for a medical marijuana card.

The THC and CBD Levels

Medical and recreational marijuana differ in their CBD and THC levels. Medical marijuana or medical marijuana products are designed solely to help users manage certain health conditions, provide relief from pain, and improve their overall wellness. These products generally contain a lower THC content and a higher CBD level. The THC in marijuana is the psychoactive compound responsible for the high feeling, while the CBD is the medicinal content that drives health and wellness.

In terms of CBD and THC content, medical marijuana contains a higher level of CBD and a lower THC level, while recreational marijuana often contains a higher THC level.

The Legality of Marijuana 

Some states in the United States have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, the substance is still considered illegal in most states across the nation. This means that a person may be arrested and charged with drug possession if caught in possession of marijuana.

On the other hand, medical marijuana use has a series of processes that screens the user based on their health condition and offers them an access card. This access card, also known as medical marijuana card, gives such a person licensed to carry medical marijuana or medical marijuana products for their health and wellness needs.

So, as a person with a medical marijuana card, you stand a better chance of walking free from drug allegations compared to recreational marijuana.

Ease of Access and Availability

Medical marijuana can be purchased in dispensaries and other recognized outlets in all states wherein marijuana are legal. However, recreational marijuana may be harder to purchase. In fact, there’s a cap on how much product a recreational marijuana user can purchase in states where marijuana is legal for recreational and medical use.

Medical marijuana users have a higher purchase threshold, easier access to quality products, and often buy at a cheaper price compared to recreational users. Some states also impose extra taxes on recreational marijuana users.

Product Quality

Product quality is perhaps the most important factor that sets recreational marijuana apart from medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is designed for health and wellness use, so it is subjected to a higher level of scrutiny and third-party testing to ensure the highest quality. Manufacturers and suppliers also track each product in batches to enable them to trace problems, especially when complaints arise from customers. With medical marijuana, issues like pesticide use from the farm to extraction or production processes are paid attention to.  

On the other hand, recreational marijuana does not enjoy such strict checks. Recreational users may find themselves paying more money for better quality marijuana.

Variety of Purpose

Versatility is one of the many advantages medical marijuana users stand to gain from purchasing medical marijuana products. Unlike recreational marijuana, medical marijuana is designed to address an array of health conditions, from pain to inflammation, skin issues, seizures, and others. With this, medical marijuana users can choose the perfect mode, whether by topical application or ingestion, to use their medical marijuana.

On the other hand, recreational marijuana is mostly used for the euphoric feeling and the highness delivered by the THC content. Users often admit to feeling disoriented, sleepy, and sometimes nauseous.

Product Shopping Experience

Medical and recreational marijuana users often have different shopping experiences based on their classes. Medical marijuana buyers know they are legal card-carrying buyers and have access to different products, a higher purchase threshold, and lower or zero taxes on their purchases. Medical marijuana users are also attended to in privacy, ensuring that they don’t have to feel uncomfortable during each purchase. Stores are also prohibited from giving any medical advice to patients.

On the other hand, recreational marijuana buyers often have to present an ID to the cannabis dispensary to verify their age. They also have a monthly purchase cap that prevents them from buying more than the state’s limit. Recreational marijuana users also have to pay taxes on each purchase.

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