Do you enjoy weed but are not a fan of smoking it? Worry no more! This article will teach you how to get the most out of your marijuana experience by using edible THC— from candy to baked goods. We got you covered! 

It would be best to always educate yourself about edible THC before taking them.

What Is THC?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the principal psychoactive component in Cannabis. THC is the molecule that gives marijuana most of its psychological effects. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it functions similarly to the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds (NIDA).

According to NIDA, THC causes brain cells to release dopamine, which results in bliss. It also affects how the hippocampus, a brain region involved in creating new memories, processes information.

THC for Medical Purposes

THC is a great substance to use for health reasons. They are accessible to everyone dealing with ongoing discomfort, insomnia, or loss of appetite. Although 500 milligrams of THC edible are very potent, beginners should start with five to ten milligrams and wait a few hours before consuming more if they are unfamiliar with the drug.

 Suppose you’re consuming cannabis buy edible for the first time in Canada. In that case, 500 mg of THC can leave you feeling pretty euphoric and even cause worry or fear. It is advised that anyone utilizing 500 mg THC edibles divide them into four pieces and wait before eating any more.

What is Edible THC?

Edible THC is often a tasty food that contains some form of Cannabis. The psychotropic ingredient of Marijuana usually is present in THC edibles. This kind of product has the potential to give users a high. These edibles are available in many forms, such as drinks, snacks, candy, desserts, and even marijuana gummies.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of weed edibles among customers is that they are more covert than smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

Effects of Edible THC Products

THC edibles for consumption take longer to take effect than marijuana smoking. It can take a few seconds to several minutes to smoke. A THC-containing edible, however, typically takes 30 to 60 minutes to digest.

The main impact usually occurs three to four hours after ingestion. As a result, children may unintentionally eat huge doses of THC because they are not experiencing any effect.

The body of research on cannabinoids is expanding as more countries decriminalize cannabis. According to research, cannabinoids are effective in treating some conditions, such as:

  • enduring pain
  • inflammation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms (PTSD)
  • nausea
  • reduced appetite
  • anxiety
  • symptoms brought on by cancer treatment, and many more

Types of THC Edibles 

  1. Chocolate

There may be cannabis chocolate out there for you if you enjoy a certain kind of chocolate, such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, or cookies & cream. Candy lovers can now enjoy their favourite dessert while also getting high thanks to chocolate-infused cannabis edibles.

  1. Baked Products

You’ve probably heard of marijuana brownies, a type of baked good. Some of the most common cannabis edible products are baked foods. In addition, the market for baked cannabis products has rapidly grown. 

  1. Marijuana Gummies & Chews

 Various sizes and forms are available for these sweet, chewy products. Even though edibles have a candy-like appearance and flavour, it’s vital to remember that dosages vary. You should be cautious when choosing your dosage to prevent unpleasant side effects.

  1. Drinks and Drink Mixes

 Cannabis-infused beverages are becoming more and more well-liked among marijuana users. Anything from seltzers to is available. Juices, teas, and other drinks are available. Additionally, drink mixes can assist you in brewing the ideal beverage at home if you choose to make your drinks.

  1. Savoury Snacks

Only some people like sugary snacks. Some of us favour savoury, salty nibbles that make us feel high. Savoury snack foods might be the best choice if this describes you. These are available in many flavours, including peanut butter, cheesy biscuits, and doughy pretzels.

Main Reasons to Eat Edibles

Here are ways these goodies can help you level up and maintain peak performance:

They can help with anxiety and depression.

Cannabis offers a slight boost for people who are feeling down.  It accomplishes this by triggering neurogenesis and the endocannabinoid system.  It also produces your natural high and has similar effects to antidepressants. 

Edibles relieve chronic pain.

Cannabis-infused edibles are one of the best ways to relieve chronic pain. Studies have shown that cannabinoids from Cannabis can work wonders for those with chronic pain.

They reduce inflammation
An edible is the best treatment for sore muscles after a climb, according to numerous studies showing that Cannabis reduces muscular inflammation.

FAQs for edible THC

Q#1: What is THC-infused chocolate?

MUV Cannabis Chocolates are made from natural ingredients you can rely on and are inspired by Belgian chocolatiers. Each piece of premium distillate-infused chocolate has little to no cannabis flavour.

Q#2:How Long Do THC Gummies Last In Your System?

THC gummies usually make users experience their effects for 4 to 8 hours. For chronic users, THC can remain in the body for one week to three months. Before ingesting THC, consult your doctor if you’re worried about undergoing a drug test.

Q#3: Are THC edibles potentially dangerous?

THC isn’t very dangerous, but doing dumb things while drunk is. THC can help you get muscular. Avoid using power tools, driving, operating heavy machinery, and engaging in foolish behaviour when consuming THC.

Q#4: How long do edibles last? 

With proper storage, edibles can be kept for 3 to 6 months while still providing the desired high. After that, the THC may deteriorate, and the meal itself may become stale.


Weed edibles depend on your preference, with so many different edibles available. Do you prefer your consumables to resemble a snack more? Consider a savoury snack. Do you want to eat while interacting with others? Cannabis-infused drinks are a fantastic alternative. If you’re still unsure, browse our online dispensary and choose the finest edibles for you!

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