With its brand new, game-changing concept of a video-exclusive social media platform, and features such as streaming sessions in real time, Duets or Stitches, and more, and also being the fastest-growing platform, TikTok has been rapidly growing into the most popular platform that has captured the hearts of many .

Due to its incredible marketing potential, and with growing numbers of companies accepting the challenge and beginning to explore the possibilities on the platform, TikTok is now the spot to be for any company that wishes to be different from the rest.

While Instagram was for years the most popular social media platform for engagement, in the current moment, TikTok has changed that. In the process of surpassing Instagram’s engagement by various percent, TikTok became the most popular social media platform in 2022.

In their latest research, the team at Socialinsider has discovered the present’ average engagement rates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok by analysing the more than 27 millions of posts on social media on all of the platforms all together.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss the most important findings.

1. TikTok engagement statistics to 2022 TikTok is a popular platform for engagement with an average of 5.95 percent

Today many businesses are getting involved in social media because it has been proven to be among the most effective methods of increasing brand recognition. Furthermore, social media marketing is now a necessity for any company that wants to be successful in today’s increasingly than ever-digitalized world.

As a result, as the increasing number of brands joining the social media world and the battle to get the attention of the users also becomes more intense than ever. In addition, reaching a satisfactory engagement level is now an ever more difficult task.

As TikTok is the most popular social media platform at present Everybody is interested to learn more about how brands on the platform are doing, and about its potential and effectiveness in generating engagement.

Even though TikTok has been the most popular social media platform for a while and even overtook Instagram in the past and the start of 2022 is bringing more reasons for brands to begin experimenting with the content available through the site.

In 2022 TikTok boasts an engagement level of 5.96 percent, which is up 14.26 percent over the previous year, different social networks trail far behind.

At present, Instagram’s engagement remains at a good level, with around 0.83 percent. On the other hand Facebook isn’t able to provide satisfactory engagement levels, currently it has an average 0.13 percent, whereas Twitter’s average engagement rate is just 0.05 percent.

Another significant fact obtained during this study was that in the last year Facebook as well as Instagram also experienced an incredibly significant decrease in engagement across every industry.

This could be explained by economic and social factors that have impacted the current social landscape in various ways. TikTok’s latest rise in participation.

The bottom line is that it’s normal that when social media users shift their focus away from different platforms, there is a dual-direction shift occurs. This is why the engagement decreases on the Instagram as well as Facebook engagement, and the TikTok increasing engagement.

In the end, since video content is believed as the next generation of marketing via social media it’s not a doubt that a platform that is exclusively video will take over and lead when it comes to engagement starting now.

2. The most engaged industries across all media platforms

As I mentioned, there is a connection between the platform’s propelling ascension and its obstacles A specific instance could make it clearer.

The travel industry is among the most popular on Instagram with the highest engagement rates of 1.41 percent, it’s among the lowest successful ones to be found on Facebook.

The most interesting thing is that brands in the FMCG sector won an additional win in 2022. It’s also the most active segment on TikTok and has the average rate for engagement of 15.82 percent.

According to the evidence the brands in this sector have been the most successful in reaching out to younger users, as they were able to increase the number of users on TikTok as much as a twice the amount.

In 2022, the increasing engagement rates, which can reach twice the amount of engagement compared to prior ones, are also evident for the beverage, NGO automobile, travel and home-living sectors.

3. Twitter is the sole platform which stands out in terms the diversity of its content

As TikTok is a dedicated platform for video There’s no need to be talking about diversity of content.

When it comes to competing with TikTok it is important to consider content diversity as an essential element for other social media platforms because it is one of the factors algorithms look at when assessing the effectiveness of brands as well as their engagement.

Despite the multitude of new features that are available, and consequently, a variety of content they can choose from the majority of brands have an image-centric strategy for their content.

In the case of Facebook and Instagram all in all most posts on social media by brands comprise around 70% of consist of pictures.

While these statistics were valid up to last year’s case too, in nowadays, this is no longer the case. in 2022, it’s the most popular social media platform, with the broadest range of content.

4. Frequency of posting: TikTok VS. Twitter

Based on data it appears that on TikTok there are a lot of brands being cautious when it comes to posting. Even the industries that are going crazy with the average amount of posts posted per every day, on different platforms are going slower on TikTok.

Media-house for instance, is the most active on TikTok with an average of one video per day. businesses in this same category are posting an average of five posts each day on Twitter and have doubled their tweets over the course of the last year. In general the industry is among the most active across all social media platforms.

The study of the average engagement rates provides an excellent illustration of how focus is decreasing with time.

Last thoughts

According to the predictions of the trend analysts that short-form videos are going to be around for a while and as the platform that provides more content that is tailored to the preference of the user, TikTok gains the most in terms of social media interaction.

So, with these impressive TikTok numbers of engagement More brands are scheduled to sign up and join the platform in the near future.

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