Traditionally, the strategies for marketing used by non-profit organizations have been determined by the needs of funding. It’s about time for that to change. In the face of significant declines in donations to charities, especially for small-scale nonprofits (philanthropy dot the com) because of COVID-19, this seems contrary to.

But, a lot of examples show that nonprofit organisations need to be more strategic when it comes to marketing. It’s time to revamp strategies for marketing at the nonprofit level based on three major areas of advocacy, content and community.

  • Content: Providing details to those interested in your cause.
  • Advocacy: urging people to perform specific actions, like giving or volunteering to your cause
  • Community: forming a network of people who you can regularly communicate with to share information about the work you are doing.

This article focuses on five strategies for marketing which are designed to cut across advocacy, content and community, as well as how your organization can use effectively by 2022. The future of nonprofits is dependent on their ability to establish a unique authentic brand identity as well as an engaging narrative that motivates people to take action.

Visual Marketing

If you’re trying to establish a reputation for your organization You’ll need to concentrate on showing the impact of your actions, and how your company is making a positive impact to the world.

Visuals, such as images of videos, infographics GIFs and memes will help you communicate this message to your target audience and show the work behind the scenes that goes into the non-profit as well as images of people have been impacted by the organization.

This kind of imagery is much more effective than words alone because it visually shows the viewers what you’re doing.

The American Red Cross Uses TikTok

For example for instance, the American Red Cross uses TikTok videos to communicate to its viewers in a refreshing way by activating their empathy to ask for donations as well as offering advice to help in times of stress.

Event Marketing

Events give you a an opportunity to increase your the credibility of your organization and increase its authority. Therefore, the best way to make sure that the next event of your non-profit organization is to focus on the cause rather than the event the event itself.

Make use of this event as a chance to show how your cause is connected to an issue of importance and how you intend to tackle the issue.

The following events that are being held in collaboration with No Kid Hungry — on Instagram are a great way to highlight the cause of the organization by highlighting volunteer experiences.

Second, you must always show honesty and openness. If people feel they have confidence in them on a personal level and feel like they know you personally, they’ll be more inclined to give you their support. This WE Charity; listing, for example, includes details of its impacts by numbers.

It isn’t necessary to organize an event of your own. Instead, you can get involved in local events that are pertinent to your goal. It’s a great way to increase the profile of a small company. Large organizations should realize that regardless of their global image, the greatest effect they can have would be one that is based on community.

Newsletter Marketing

Non-profit organizations should concentrate on building relationships with their donors. This means that they must to create strategies for donor acquisition which increase awareness, provide pertinent information, and create trust. So, your newsletter should provide more than information and news although this details are essential.

For example, Malala Fund, an organisation that supports girl education has an annual newsletter called Assembly in which girls from all over the world share their stories on problems that impact them. This assemblyis not an explicit marketing tactic and readers aren’t in any way pressured to act but, the tales of the girls can draw the average person closer to the causes that the Fund is a part of.

Sending out newsletters on a regular basis helps ensure that the organization is always in the forefront in the mind of your current and future supporters as well as donors, partners and supporters.

Being a manager for a non-profit is another reason to be more strategic in your strategies for marketing; you need to be able to contact donors at critical times in their decision-making process. But, your budget for marketing is probably restricted if you’re a non-profit organisation.

It’s not easy to pay for advertising on social media websites or other sites when it’s competing against for-profit companies for attention.

In the event that you do not have money to pay for ads You can avail the Google Ad Grants program, which allows nonprofits to receive up to $10,000 of search ads per month to promote messages in front of Google Search people.

Over the past 20 years, more than 100,000 nonprofits have received Google’s free advertisements up to $10 billion. But, your nonprofit has to be eligible to receive an account with Google for Nonprofits to take advantage of this benefit.

For their part social media platforms, like Facebook (and Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. provide various non-profit-specific services to help nonprofits like yours increase their visibility via paid advertisements.

Word of Mouth Marketing

It is the act of establishing confidence and awareness for your organization to gain and keep partnerships. One of the ways to do this is engaging your supporters into your marketing plan. The easiest method to do this is to have them provide information about your non-profit on their social media networks.

But, it starts by ensuring that your sponsors or volunteers as well as donors are actively involved in your endeavors. The most important aspect of successful word-of mouth marketing is taking the time to establish an authentic relationship with your partner.

If you’ve kept them informed all through the year, they’ll be sharing details about your organization more frequently on their social networks in order in order to attract more attention to the work you do.

However, you should motivate them to get the word out. A great talking point can be an easy and effective method to assist your supporters to promote your organization’s activities, upcoming events and advocacy initiatives.


Non-profit organizations must come up in line with modern realities of an ever-more complex fast-paced, dynamic and changing world.

With budgets shrinking and less resources available, charities must be more flexible and strategic in involving donors, volunteers and partners.

When you are deciding on the marketing strategy for your organization in 2022, concentrate on sharing relevant content, encouraging authentic advocacy, and establishing an environment of trust.

By Manali

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