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You knew there was a clog in your drain. Now, what can you do about it?

Using a cable auger to unclog a drain is life-saving when clearing a clogged drain. Granted, if your drain is completely blocked, this might save your life or flood your bathroom, kitchen, etc.

So if you suddenly need to drain your pipes, you have come to the right place. Check out our guide below to learn more about cable drills and how to use them best.

Assess the Severity of a Clog

Identify the cause. If the reason is part of a plumbing fixture wedged in the pipe, then using a cable auger to unclog the drain might not be the best option.

However, if the cause is a debris buildup, then a cable drill may be an excellent tool. To use a cable auger, feed the cable down the drain until it reaches the clog.

Gently rotate the auger to puncture through the clog. As you turn, apply slow pressure against the clog until you can feel the clog breaking up. Lastly, try retracting the auger from the drain and see if the clog has been alleviated.

Gather Supplies

Before using, ensure you have goggles, a pair of rubber gloves, and a bucket to collect any water or clogged material from the pipe. You will also need a drain cleaner that contains a handle, as well as a cable drill, which is a long steel cable that rotates.

With the drill, you will also need a set of guidelines to ensure the training is securely fastened and the cable’s size matches the pipe’s length.

Before entering the pipe with the drill, look for any remaining signs of the clog, such as breakage, openings, or trauma. For more information, drain cleaning services found here.

Set Up and Insert the Cable Auger

Using a cable auger to unclog drains is not tricky, but it does require careful preparation and handling.

To set it up, carefully unwind the cable auger until it is fully extended, and make sure the handle is locked into position. Then insert the cable auger into the drain, feeding it in gently to avoid damaging the pipes.

When the cable auger is inserted, move the handle in a rhythmic up-and-down motion. This will help to pull the cable through whatever obstruction is blocking the drain.

Continue slowly pushing and pulling the handle until you feel the drill break through the material. You may need to turn the handle slightly to help it move.

Withdraw the cable auger from the drain and check for whatever debris was blocking it. You will then know that the drain auger has been unclogged.

Preparing Cable Auger for the Task

After using a cable auger to unclog a drain, you should now have a clear pathway for drain water.

Be sure to monitor your gutters for any future clogs and act quickly to open them to prevent potential damage or overflow. With the help of a cable drill, you are ready to tackle any blockage that may arise.

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