When you set up your new central air conditioner unit, one of the items that you paid particular attention to was the location of the drain line.

At the time, the reason that you paid attention to it was that you wanted to ensure that the drain line would not interfere with the operation of the AC unit. Now, though, the drain line outside your house is opening to dripping and splattering as the air conditioner cycles through its air flow process.

You’re not quite sure what to do when this happens. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about air conditioner drain line outside house dripping and how you can resolve the problem.

Looking Into a Clogged Drain Line

One of the common causes of an AC drain line outside a house dripping is a clogged drain line. The condensate evaporator coil, located inside the air handler, can accumulate dust and debris. This may include lint or even a toy, and clog the line.

In addition, the drain line itself may become blocked due to corrosion or a build-up of mineral deposits. If the clog is detected quickly enough, it can be avoided by cleaning the line with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or using a device such as a plumber’s snake.

If the drip is already present, the clog must be manually cleared with an appropriate tool, such as a power auger, before the line can be reconnected properly. 

Identifying Damaged or Disconnected Drain Line

Damage or disconnected drain lines can cause the drip outside the house since it is nowhere else for the moisture to go. To avoid this situation, homeowners should routinely check and maintain the AC line to ensure it is working properly.

Look for any visible leaks or signs of corrosion outside the house near the AC unit, and also check around the indoor unit for any loose fittings or blockage in the drain line.

If any of these are found, they should be dealt with by a professional from https://www.aaa-ac.net/top-air-conditioning-service-in-victoria. It could also be corrected by a homeowner who is experienced in AC maintenance.

Checking Dirty Air Filter

One of the primary causes of an air conditioner’s drain line outside your house dripping is a dirty air filter. This is a relatively simple issue to check and often fix. A dirty air filter can cause the air conditioning unit to run improperly, leading the drain line to plug up and therefore leak when the system is turned on.

To avoid this issue and other more costly repairs, it is recommended that you check the air filter regularly. If the filter appears dusty or dirty, it should be replaced immediately for proper operation. Replacing the air filter and properly maintaining your AC unit is important for good efficiency and keeping your unit in working order for as long as possible.

Deal With Air Conditioner Drain Line Outside House Dripping Right Away

Overall, it is important to deal with the air conditioner drain line outside house dripping as soon as possible because a lot of potential damage can be prevented. Water accumulation in certain areas can lead to mold, rot, and structural damage.

If the issue is addressed quickly, the air conditioner will continue to work, and conditions in the home must remain comfortable. Hire a professional to clean and maintain the AC and prevent any further issues.

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