Roofing is considered one of the most complex and expensive projects for every homeowner. While most other home projects are optional, roofing repair and maintenance are essential to every home. Apart from regulating structural integrity and personal comfort, proper roof repair can boost the value of your home, especially when you are thinking of renting or reselling. This is where the role of a roofing contractor comes in. Whether you need a full roof replacement or simple repair and maintenance, your choice of roofing contractor will impact the quality of the job and the overall cost of the whole project. So how do you find a qualified roofing contractor with a solid reputation in Santa Cruz, CA? In this article, we will talk about things you should look out for a while hiring your roofing contractor so that your job gets done on time and does not exceed the set budget. So don’t flip open the yellow pages and settle on the first company you come across before doing your homework.

Tips To Hire The Right Roofing Contractor:

Get quotes from different contractors

It is always important to do your research while looking to invest in a new roofing contractor. As a rule of thumb, you should request at least three quotes from roofing contractors around your area. Understand the materials that will be used for your roofing project. For instance, do they specialize in metal roofs, or do they use traditional shingles? Check whether their products are environmentally friendly or not. Before moving forward with your investment, ask as many questions as possible and get everything in writing before signing the final contract.

Check licenses, bonds, and insurance

The three pieces of paper that every roofing contractor should possess are proper licenses, insurance papers, and bonds. These papers will protect you as a homeowner and ensure that the job is done efficiently and on time. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof. Firstly, always check whether your roofer is registered with the State’s board of licensing contractors. Secondly, check for a bond so that if the company goes out of business in the middle of the project and a problem occurs where they are not in the position to fix it, you can fall back on the bond company. Thirdly, the roofing contractor and his workers should be fully insured with general liability, vehicle insurance policy, and workers’ compensation. This way, if something goes wrong, you will be on the safer side of things. 

Go for a roofer who offers quality materials

Cheap roofing materials cannot withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions, especially in a state like California. Even with the best installation teams, weather conditions like high humidity, tropical thunderstorms, heavy torrential downpours, and hurricanes can put your roof to the test. Do they offer algae-resistant materials? Do they have protection against harsh UV rays? Can they resist high winds that are common in the area? Are these materials fire-resistant? In such cases, low-quality roofing materials like nails and shingles will not be able to protect your home for a very long time. Hence it is essential to learn about the roofing materials that your prospective contractor offers. 

Check for reputation

Online reviews are the best way to find a reliable roofing contractor. Research roofing contractors online on sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Houzz and read what other homeowners have to say about the quality of their roofing projects. It is not worth risking your hard-earned money if you find something fishy. Reach out to these people who have worked with your prospective roofing contractor for a second opinion. It is important to find a roofing company that stands behind its quality of work, puts effort into interacting with customers, and tries to understand what went wrong (in case of negative reviews).

Check warranty

The best roofing contractor will most likely provide a manufacturing warranty. A manufacturer warranty protects the roofing products and labor like improper installation and repair. Hence you will be covered if something goes wrong with your shingles due to the manufacturer’s fault. However, there are different kinds of warranties when it comes to roofing contractors. Hence for maximum protection, you have to check properly for product and installation warranties.

So if you are at an early stage of hiring a qualified roofing contractor, the above steps can land you the best fit. Apart from adhering to your timeline and budget, your roofing contractor should also offer valuable insights regarding the materials used and how these materials are beneficial for the climate you live in. For all kinds of roof investment, get in touch with a reliable company like Shelton Roofing- as they are known for providing high-quality roofing services in the area. With unparalleled customer service and skilled professionals on board, they can give you value for your money and time.

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