Dogs make great house pets, but living with a canine companion isn’t always easy. Dogs require plenty of exercise, attention, and training to be well-behaved family members. If you’re considering adding a dog to your home, you may wonder how much dog training costs.

Generally, dog training prices vary depending on the type of training you need, the age and breed of your dog, and the location where you live. Typically, dog obedience training classes cost between $50 and $200 per session. Private dog training sessions typically cost between $50 and $100 per hour. Read on to learn more about the cost of dog training and what you can expect to pay for different types of training.

What Influences the Cost of Dog Training?

Dog training isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The cost of training will vary depending on several factors, including:

The Type of Training You Need

The type of training you need will greatly impact the cost. Suppose you need help with basic obedience commands. In that case, you can expect to pay less than if you need help with more advanced training, such as the behavioral modification or dog agility. The price gets even higher for aggressive dog training, which may require the help of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

Another thing, you can either decide to train your dog yourself, hire a professional dog trainer to come to your home and work with you and your dog, sign up for group classes at a local training facility, or send your dog to a board and train program. 

Private Dog Training

Typically private dog training happens in your home so the trainer can assess how your dog behaves in their natural environment. Private trainers also allow you to ask specific questions about your dog’s behavior. These sessions are effective for those with short time or pets with behavioral issues that won’t be ideal for group training. Private training sessions typically cost $125/hour on average. 

Group Dog Training Classes

Group classes are offered at pet stores, dog daycares, and other training facilities. They provide a social environment for dogs and their owners. It’s a great way to socialize your dog and meet other dog owners in your area. These training classes typically cost between $50 and $200, depending on the length of the class and the trainer’s experience.

Board and Train Program

The Board and Train Program is a great way to get your dog the training they need in a short amount of time. This program is perfect for those who do not have the time to commit to attending weekly classes or for those who want their dog to receive one-on-one attention.

Your dog will stay with us for two to four weeks, depending on their needs, and receive daily training sessions. This program is perfect for those who want their dog to receive intensive training in a short amount of time. The average cost of this program is between $2,500 – $5000 a month or $90-$200 a day. 

The Age and Breed of Your Dog

Puppies and young dogs are typically easier to train than older dogs, so you can expect to pay less for training services. Some dog breeds are also easier to train than others. For example, herding dogs and retrievers tend to be very intelligent and easy to train, while hounds and toy breeds can be more difficult.

The Location Where You Live

Dog trainers typically charge more for their services in larger cities and metropolitan areas than in smaller towns and rural areas. This is due to the higher cost of living in these areas. How much you’ll pay for your dog to be trained in New York is likely to be significantly higher than what you’ll pay for the same services in a small town in Montana.

The Length of the Training Program

The length of the training program will also affect the cost. Some dog trainers offer one-time private sessions, while others offer ongoing weekly or monthly classes. The longer the training program, the more you can expect to pay.

What to Expect from Dog Training

When you first start training your dog, you can expect to spend a lot of time working on basic obedience commands, such as sit, stay, come, and down. You can begin working on more advanced commands and tricks as your dog becomes more obedient. You can also expect to spend time socializing with your dog and teaching them good manners.

It is important to be patient when training your dog and to remember that every dog learns at their own pace. Some dogs pick up on commands quickly, while others may need more time and patience. The most important thing is to be consistent with your training and to have fun with your dog.

Dog training is a great way to bond with your dog and teach them how to coexist with humans and other pets safely. The cost of dog training will vary depending on the training you choose, the length of the training program, and the location where you live. The most important thing is to be patient, consistent, and have fun.

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