If a tree is close to a house, it starts to bend towards the house over time. The tree tries to find its closest source of water and nourishment; as it grows. The tree’s roots do not realize that they are already in the wrong place or that the soil is too hard for them to dig deeper. So instead, they continue to attempt to grow downwards and intrude on your basement or crawlspace.

Increasingly large roots will damage your foundations by eating away at the concrete, brickwork, or even weakening structural steel supports beneath it. Crystal Greens Landscape properly evaluates trees, protects your foundation, and repairs any damage caused. Read on to learn how tree roots can damage your home.

Foundation Cracks 

A tree root will typically grow under the ground in the direction of the water. It does this because water has the most energy for a plant to use. Roots will grow under cement and concrete as well as wood and other materials if there is an opening for them to enter through. It can cause the soil to become unstable and settle, which will cause the foundation of your home to crack.

Damaged Landscape

If you’re not careful, tree roots can crack sidewalks and damage lawns and gardens. Tree roots grow in a circular pattern, with the tree trunk’s center. The largest root will grow around the tree’s base, while smaller ones will spread out from there.

They tend to push up through concrete slabs or driveways when they reach them, which causes cracks in those areas. If these cracks are left unattended for so long, they will only worsen over time. They will cause damages that will require total replacement of that section of concrete slab on the driveway surface.

Plumbing Issues

If you’ve noticed leaking in your plumbing, it might be time to call a plumber. But before you do, ensure you know the root of the problem—and it’s not just clogged drains.

The tree roots can cause problems with your plumbing system, as the tree root grows through it, clogs it up, or causes leaks.

Tree roots can break through the basement floor or wall and into the crawlspace underneath your house, causing flooding in your basement or crawlspace. This flooding is especially dangerous because water can rise quickly without warning.

Electrical Issues

Tree roots cause problems with underground wiring by interfering with them as they grow. They can wrap around cables and cause them to break or fray over time as they continue growing. 

How to Prevent Roots from Damaging Your Home

There are several preventative measures you may take if you’re worried about the possibility of root damage to your foundation. 

  • Create a root barrier. You need to dig down to the foundation of your house and remove any roots that are getting too close to your house’s foundation. Although it may be inconvenient, ensure the tree roots won’t cause any harm to your home.
  • Select a slow-growing tree with less aggressive rooting if you’re planting a new tree in your yard. Trees with deep, invasive roots, such as silver maples, and elms, should be avoided in favor of oaks and sugar maples.
  • Do not grow trees near your house. It’s a fallacy that a tree’s roots will grow as wide as the tree itself. Trees can grow roots that are twice or even three times as tall as the tree itself. The trees should be at least 10 feet away from it, so they don’t interfere with the foundation wall.
  • Adequate depth foundation. Houses with basements are safer from concrete settling than their shallow-foundation counterparts. Deep basements provide substantial structural protection, but shallow foundations are much more susceptible to dried-out soil and changes.

If you notice cracks in the foundation and there are trees close to your house, have an arborist inspect your property for areas where roots could cause problems. The arborist will search for areas where trees have died or been removed and any signs of decay on living trees. The arborist may eliminate the tree or create an irrigation drip line, or they will look for another solution.

Tree roots can damage homes with foundations that are not properly secured. If your home is compromised, it is important to have it checked and repaired. Tree roots can cause many problems, including cracks in the foundation and the structure of your home. They may even lead to the collapse of the whole structure.

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