What do you know about non hormonal birth control? Do you think the practices associated with it are enough to do the needful? Most times, people tend not to understand what non-hormonal birth control is because they have not taken the time to do in-depth research about it.

But not to worry, in this article, you’ll get to understand what non-hormonal birth control is and the possible options around it. 

You do not want to miss out? Let’s proceed!

What Is Non-Hormonal Birth Control?

Non Hormonal birth control is simply a means by which individuals can use birth control methods without it affecting their hormones. The hormonal effects might not come immediately, but after a while, it could affect the person in question, most especially women during times of breastfeeding and some of the other stuff associated with the female hormones.

Now it is important to note that there are possible things to do to avoid the effect on the hormones. What are these practices? Those are the things I’ll be showing you subsequently.

Options Available For Non-Hormonal Birth Control 

Withdrawal method

This one is practiced by most young individuals to avoid unwanted pregnancies and would also not affect the individuals involved. It involves the male inserting his penis into the vagina and then withdrawing it at the verge of ejaculation. Though this is not a hundred percent safe, both individuals might be at their peaks, making it difficult to withdraw at that moment.

Family planning

This method is practiced by young couples who avoid pregnancies at certain times. All that is needed to do is for them to visit a certified medical hospital and they’d prescribe some pills and how they should be taken. You would observe that these drugs work with a particular period so you should follow them wisely.


This is a technique used by females. The spermicide is placed around the female opening, and then it prevents the sperm from gaining entrance to the uterus. This would ensure that there is no fertility process and pregnancy is prevented. This is a safe practice, majorly when it is practiced consistently.

Birth control gel

This is used by women to prevent pregnancy. It is applied around the female opening and can be gotten at drug stores and hospitals. You should get the prescription from a doctor before deciding to use it.

Use of condoms

Condoms are predicted to have a 94% chance of avoiding pregnancy, but in real-life terms, it has just an 85% chance. So you see, there is a risk of pregnancy attached to this. It can be gotten at stores, but it is best to purchase one that is made of good quality to avoid issues.

Note that all of these practices would not, in turn, affect the individual. That is why it is called non-hormonal birth control.


This is the last out of the numerous ones we have. This involves not engaging in intercourse at all. If you do not want to get pregnant or have any hormonal disorder, you should abstain.

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