The temperature is slowly starting to drop outside, which means we’re gearing up with a winter wardrobe ready to welcome autumn 2022. You may need to throw out your old shoes, dust off your jacket, or replace everything. However, you won’t find the same clothes as you did in 2021 because fashion trends are in a constant state of flux. If you want to know what’s hot this winter, take a look at the following list. 

Bomber and Leather Jackets

Bomber jackets and leather jackets are all the rage right now. They’re super trendy and will keep you warm right through to spring ‘23. Bomber jackets are typically made from polyester or nylon and come with a fleece lining to keep you snug. Leather jackets are often made from lambskin or cowhide and come in either top or full grain. Whichever type of jacket you choose, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to patterns and designs. 

Oversized Sweaters

There’s nothing better than being cosy in an oversized sweater, which is why they’re a constant in men’s autumn/winter fashion. There are no restrictions on colour and style, meaning you’re free to let your personality shine through. If you need to “dress it up”, you can wear loafers and slacks. However, if you need to feel more laid back, pair your sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers. If you need to start replacing your wardrobe, take a look at Burrows & Hare for everything men’s fashion. 

Dark Denim Jeans

Some things never change in fashion including dark denim jeans during the winter. They look trendy and pair well with jackets, boots, and scarves. There are many different types of cuts to explore including skinny, stretch, slim, and boot. The beauty of dark denim jeans is that you can wear them for any occasion. If you need to be formal, a buttoned shirt will work perfectly. Whereas, if you’re looking to keep it casual, wear a t-shirt and your chosen jacket. 

Knitted Scarves Return

Scarves are functional and fashionable, and the knitted scarf is back in for the upcoming season. There are no bounds to your personal expression here, and you can wear a scarf however you like. The easiest material to style is knit, which is why they’re going to be huge this autumn/winter. However, if you get your hands on a Pashmina or silk scarf, your fit will still look fire. 

Suede, Chelsea, and Ankle Boots

Where there’s winter, there’s rain and snow, which means you need to keep your feet dry. Classic Chelsea boots are going to be popular this year, and you can wear them with formal suits and jeans. Further, if you’re trying to keep things chilled out, you can get yourself a pair of suede boots. 

The cold seasons are almost upon us, which calls for a much-needed shopping trip. If you want to follow the latest trends, there are plenty of constants listed above as well as some returns to the scene.

By Manali

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