Even if you are lucky enough to be financially comfortable, have a social life to rival a teenager and a lovely house and garden, without your health, all these things become far, far less significant. 

So, dedicated to ensuring your physical health is as top-notch as possible, here is a guide to taking care of your body for the over 75s. 


Many people labor under the unfortunately false illusion that keeping active while cleaning the house and wandering around the shopping mall is sufficient for weekly exercise. 

However, even as an older adult, there are plenty of exercises that can mean your heart rate increases, your arms and legs are stretched, and your blood is circulating, such as:

  • Low-Impact Dance Classes
  • Swimming
  • Walking 
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Tennis Doubles
  • Bike Riding 

If you are currently living in a nursing care home such as the wonderful Sidmouth care home, assisted living, or even independent living community, then seeking out new forms of exercise will be easier, and you are likely to form social relationships with your fellow residents.

Never Hesitate to Ring the Doctor

Older people tend to be reluctant to ring the doctor and instead feel as if they never want to bother the doctor with what they may feel is an insignificant change to their physical or emotional health that will certainly get better on its own. 

However, to ensure your body is in proper working order, if you notice any change that you are not used to or concerns you in any way, then make that appointment with a medical professional sooner rather than later.

Keep Up with Your Social Life

Not only is your physical health and fitness an important thing to focus on as you get older, but so too are matters pertaining to your mental health and emotional well-being as well. 

If you have friends in your local area whom you enjoy going out for lunch, dinner, or even for a cup of coffee and a walk with, then these kinds of social interactions will keep both aspects of your health in tip-top condition. 

For everyone, but especially older adults and the elderly, isolated life is a lonely one, and even on those days when you do not feel like seeing anybody, it is still important to get up, get dressed, get out of the house and least walk to your local store for a newspaper or magazine. Remember as well that, out of all the seemingly infinite forms of physical exercise, walking is still considered the best for people of all ages and mobile abilities.

Find the Right Balance

Finally, and perhaps most crucial, you must always listen to your inner instincts and feel the limitations of your mind and body.

Even if you have arranged a two-mile walk around the gardens of a country manor, if on the day you wake up in the morning and feel as if you cannot do it, then find the balance between canceling entirely and sitting on the couch and walking the whole way around. 

By Manali

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