Moving to NY, the most populous state in the United States of America can lead to physical and psychological breakdown if the right moving service is not sorted for. However, there is an extreme difference in lifestyles between NY and NYC dwellers.

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Make your move to New York easy and quick, less scary with these top tips below.

9 Tips When Moving To New York 

Have enough cash

Money makes everything doable and easier. It is the amount of money you have that keeps you motivated to move into a new area. Achieving an everlasting contentment in New York is very much possible if you have a fat wallet.

Don’t move during the summer 

Finding an apartment between the months of June and September(summer) is more of a nightmare. Prices of flats are often increased during this period. To be honest, the encountered experience is not an exciting one to narrate. 

Ship your belongings 

After you must have selected the most relevant items, the best affordable means to get them to NY is through shipping. Moreover, sea freight gives you the opportunity to ship the heavy stuff.

Go for an average neighborhood 

Living in an average neighborhood saves you a lot of money. For example, Albany, Saratoga Springs, Kenmore, Hudson, Inwood, Buffalo, Lake Placid, Murray hill, Geneva, and Syracuse. They are safe and still offer the kind of experience you wish to have while in New York.

It is better to rent cheaper apartment

When shopping for a cheap apartment, you must be willing to let go of certain things to have enough breathing space. For a start, a room with a kitchen and bathroom is suitable for the time being. Also, them being cheap does not mean that they are not safe. They are safe and secured. Most importantly, do a thorough research before moving to NY.

 Tour the crooks and cranny of the flat 

Out of desperation, some people end up renting the wrong lodging. Before handing the house fee to the agent, check every corner and ask questions. If there are damages, let it be repaired before you move in. Never sign a lease sight unseen, unless you like surprises.

Use public transport 

In order to avoid hefty cab prices, make use of public-subway and transportation. They are fast, environmentally friendly, affordable and with twenty-four hours of operation every day.

Open healthcare insurance

It safeguards and protects your future from uncertain life events. There are three major ways of enrolling for healthcare insurance in NY. 

  • Filling the online application form(NY State Health website)
  • Seeking help from trained and 

certified enrollment assistance or mediator, no fee attached 

  • Or contact them at TTY 1-800-662-1220, 1-855-355-5777

It is accessible to everyone.

Get a work permit 

Having this allows you to work anywhere without any obstacles. Of course, before leaving your current place of residence, plans have been made on how to acquire a work permit upon your arrival in New York. Also, you must be of legal age.

The following are the guidelines to 

acquiring a work warrant in NY;

  • Your application process should be based on an immigration status that gives you the opportunity to work 
  • Fill the USCIS form 1-765
  • Pay the required filing cost
  • Finally, submit your work permit application form 

It is advisable to keep track of your permit expiration date, for early renewal applications.

Apply for jobs

The Internet has made job hunting a bit easy.  Browse jobs online or apply in person. For online jobs, visit sites like, Glassdoor, Indeed and Monster.

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