Everyone generally enjoys sporting activities because they are entertaining and refreshing and bring people together. As much as these sports are entertaining, they involve certain skills and abilities that could be naturally draining and can even lead to injuries. 

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Most of the time, people do not know about some of these injuries. They only see the sporting event and may care little about the pains these people face backstage. Do you want to find out some of the most common sporting injuries? Stay glued to this article. 

Most Common Sport Injuries


Sprains are one of the most common sports injuries as it applies to almost every sporting activity. Sprains are caused as a result of tears in the ligaments. A tear in the ligament is caused by overlapping or when you go through strenuous exercising activities. Sometimes, it could be minor or serious, depending on the tear’s seriousness.


A lot of people usually mistake sprains for strains, but here is the thing with both of them. As stated earlier, a sprain is a tear in the ligament, while a strain is a tear in the muscles. We make use of our muscles when performing sports activities. No doubt, there could be a tear which eventually leads to more severe pains if it is not treated properly.


A fracture is a critical situation that involves the bone. It could be called a broken bone too. This is more severe damage to any part of the bone. It is more critical than dislocations and sprains. Fractures could happen to any sports person, but it is common among people who play football or engage in wrestling activities. It could also require surgery sometimes if left untreated.

Knee pain

The knee is a very complicated joint because if there is an injury there, it can take a longer period for it to heal completely. This is common amongst athletes and people who play football or basketball. They could occur very mild at first but, when left untreated, could be dangerous.


This is an injury that is associated with the head. This is caused by hitting your head against an opponent or a goalpost. Its symptoms include headache and dizziness. It could take up to a week to fade out but it is important to visit your medical doctor if the pain persists.

Tennis elbow

This does not pertain to only people who play tennis. Those who engage in golf sports. This is that point when there is a tear in the elbow. It could happen to anybody, but it should be urgently treated.

Back pain

Various strenuous sports activities can cause back pain. You could do a massage session for pain in the back and then use pain relief to kill the pain.

Ankle pain

Footballers mostly experience this. It could be a dislocation or fracture. You would need to visit your doctor if the pain persists longer than expected.

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