As you become older, it can sometimes be a struggle to be as physically fit as you once were, mainly due to the fact that problems and issues with joints and muscles can start to arise, and general fitness levels can often start to decline.

Naturally, this means that now, more than ever, it is time to make a real effort to get outside each and every day, even if it is just for fifteen minutes. Walking is one of the best possible forms of exercise for people of any age and here, for your information as well as inspiration, are four other ways to stay physically healthy as an elderly person.

  1. Invest in a Steps Tracker

Contrary to popular belief, the perceived “recommended” ten thousand steps a day (which most electronic pedometers, watches, and FitBits set as a daily target for their wearers) is simply the automatic factory setting rather than a medical calculation.

However, ten thousand steps are a great basis on which to judge how physically active you have been on that particular day; and a way to motivate and challenge yourself to move even more the next day. 

Even normal household chores such as ironing, cleaning and tidying, and moving objects from downstairs to the first floor of your home get your whole body moving and will increase the amount of physical activity you do each day. 

  1. Be at One with Nature

If the idea of joining your local gymnasium fills you with dread, then a fantastic alternative is to turn physical exercise sessions into half-hour mindfulness time whereby you immerse yourself in nature.

Whether you live near a local park or—even more fortunately—a woodland or forest area, taking a trip, a short walk, or even to start with, driving to these locations will make you remember that the outdoors has such majestic beauty and heartwarming, motivational potential that it will encourage you to explore the outside more. 

  1. Attend Regular Eye Tests

Cataracts are one of the most common issues in terms of the eyes and eyesight in general when it comes to older adults and the elderly, so if you do think you may well be suffering with the development of cataracts, you should look up laser eye surgery Harrisburg.

Furthermore, always ensuring that you make time in your busy schedule to book an appointment with your eye doctor at least twice a year to have your eyesight fully checked out by a qualified professional will also serve you incredibly well in the future. 

  1. Do Some Volunteer Work

If you have dedicated your professional working life to helping others, you may well decide that in your retirement years, you simply do not want to continue spending your time in such an environment, which is perfectly understandable.

However, volunteering just a couple of hours of your precious time a week to help animals at your local rescue shelter, children at the local orphanage, or visiting elderly people in assisted living facilities is simultaneously a fantastically selfless act and a great way to keep yourself physically active. 

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