Have you recently purchased a work of art? 

Most art collectors understand the importance of proper care and maintenance, but others may assume that it’s not very fragile. After all, it’s not fragile like a vase, glass, or china. It can’t get broken.

The reality is that art can degrade over time due to various types of damage that aren’t always visible. To help you protect your prized possession for years to come, here are some tips for preserving and maintaining art.

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1. Use Protective Coatings

The use of protective coatings is a great way to preserve and protect the art for many years to come. UV protective coatings should apply to the artwork to protect it from damage caused by light and foreign chemicals.

Some protective sprays and sealants can use to create a barrier against moisture and dust. It’s also important to select coating products that are for the material in the artwork. For example, if the artwork has canvas paint, it would need a special coating that’s formulated to provide long-term protection without harming the material or eroding the pigments.

2. Framing Techniques

Quality framing can protect art pieces from moisture, undesirable light, and dust. To ensure your artwork maintains its quality, use archival-quality framing materials. Also, UV filtering glazing can help protect artwork from damage, like fading and discoloration from exposure to air, light, and dust.

In addition, these acrylic box frames found here are a great way to protect and preserve these paintings while keeping them at their best. Not only do acrylic box frames provide a modern, contemporary look for artwork, but their design prevents discoloration, yellowing, and fading of the artwork.

3. Controlling Temperature and Humidity Levels

The preservation of art over time requires that temperature and humidity levels remain at stable levels. Significant changes in temperature or humidity can cause pigments to age and fade. This can cause physical damage to the artwork.

One of the best ways to ensure that artwork can preserve for decades is to use air conditioning and dehumidifiers to control temperature and humidity. It is also helpful to install preventative measures such as window treatments to protect artwork from direct sunlight and air vents to prevent moisture from seeping in from the outside.

4. Proper Storage Solution

Investing in a storage solution can help protect your artwork. Use acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect the artwork from dust and dirt, and tape frame backings. Also, use a protective covering to guard against scratching or abrasion.

Avoid storing artwork in areas that are prone to dampness, such as attics, garages, and basements. It is good to avoid displaying artwork on the floor or walls. Finally, avoid overcrowding artwork in tight spaces.

The Effective Ways of Preserving and Maintaining Art

By using the tips suggested for preserving and maintaining art, it is possible to enjoy your artwork for decades. Buy the correct materials, practice preventative maintenance, be mindful of environmental conditions, and use the proper restoration techniques to ensure the longevity of your masterpiece. Take the steps today to keep your artwork for years to come!

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