Some people seem to have found the recipe for a happy marriage – no mean feat if you ask me. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still searching for the secret ingredients. Starting and maintaining a family is a big ask for many people, especially considering the many issues we have to contend with, including adoption, court processes, child custody, separation, divorce, mediation – you name it.

In that regard, Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ would be a great port of call if you need professional assistance to navigate these troubled waters. Here are some reasons, in particular, why you might need to consult a family law attorney at some stage in your life.

1. Crisis Management

Let’s face it; no family is perfect. If you are going through a tough time, you may be amid a crisis. In times like these, you need an objective third party to help you manage the situation and make decisions in your family’s best interest. A lawyer specializing in family law will have the experience and knowledge to help you through such a difficult period.

Consider divorce, for instance – one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through. If you’re considering ending your marriage, you must understand all the legal implications. A family law attorney can advise you on property division, child custody, and alimony – among other issues.

Sure, involving an attorney might seem like worsening an already troubling situation, but it doesn’t hurt to seek an objective and level-headed professional to help clear things up. And let’s face it, crises tend to bring out the worst in us – we form personal opinions and don’t care much about the facts. Thus, we need a professional who can sift through the drama and advise us on what’s happening.

2. Resolving Disputes

If you’re having difficulty resolving a dispute with your spouse or partner, a family law attorney can help. Sometimes, you need someone to facilitate a discussion so you can agree. Other times, a more aggressive approach, such as mediation or arbitration, would suffice. In either case, an experienced lawyer can help you reach a resolution.

Case in point, custody disputes can quickly spiral out of control if not dealt with correctly. The same goes for property division during a divorce. With the assistance of a family law attorney, your family can better handle these delicate matters and hopefully reach an amicable solution.

3. Easing the Adoption Process

Adopting a child is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have. It’s also a complex legal process, and you need to go through the proper channels to ensure the process goes as planned.

And with the many rules and regulations you have to follow, it’s vital to have someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of the system. A family law attorney can help streamline the adoption process by:

  • Filing the necessary paperwork
  • Handling the home study
  • Advising you if you encounter problems along the way
  • Getting in touch with the birth mother
  • Completing the adoption process

4. Averting Legal Headaches

You may need a family law attorney to deal with issues such as paternity, surrogacy, or domestic violence. These matters require the expertise of a qualified professional.

Sometimes, a lawyer can help protect your rights as a parent. For example, if you’re a non-custodial parent and you’re not allowed to spend time with your child, you can take legal action. A lawyer can also help fathers establish paternity if they’re unsure whether or not they’re the child’s biological parent.

Similarly, property ownership and division can also be complex topics, especially if a couple doesn’t reach an amicable agreement. And dragging matters into court may worsen the situation for your family. For instance, if you have young children, the court battle might emotionally take a toll on them.

Working with a family law attorney can help keep things civil and avoid going to court. In some cases, lawyers can help couples come to an agreement through other means. And in other instances, a lawyer can provide much-needed guidance and support during a difficult time.

A family law attorney can also help determine the legal options you can pursue and guide you through the process. Plus, they know the documentation you’re likely to need to file at every stage of your case – if you opt to take that route. And since they’re conversant with the laws in your state, they can facilitate a favorable outcome. That way, you don’t have to sweat the details.  

By leveraging a lawyer’s knowledge, experience, and resources, you can minimize the stress and anxiety that comes with family law matters. You can also avoid making costly mistakes that could have long-term implications for you and your family. Regardless of what you’re facing or going through, it’s always advisable to consult a family law attorney to help you navigate the situation.

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