In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to correctly and securely attach your MOLLE components to the MOLLE webbing on your utility pouch or military backpack so that you can get the most out of your MOLLE gear. This will allow you to make the most of your MOLLE attachment clips. 

So have your survival bag ready, as well as any of your pouches that are compatible with MOLLE, like your MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch, and let’s go through this together as quickly as we can.

1) Choose Your Attachment Point

Before clipping anything, consider where on your MOLLE pack to attach anything.

Plan where to attach things on utility pouches based on size, weight, and access frequency.

The length of attachment straps can determine where to connect tactical gear.

Most small/medium components attach to two or three webbing rows.

It’s okay if you don’t have the perfect amount of rows.

You may still connect your object, but it won’t be as secure and will stress the webbing rows.

2) Use Webbing To Insert Attachment Clips

Attaching your MOLLE component is easy after you’ve decided where it will go. The first step is to place each attachment strap into the first row of webbing.

Ensure that the bag is attached to the top row of webbing by attaching the attachment straps completely.

The attachment straps will be woven back onto the MOLLE webbing and attached to the accessory pouch.

3) Weave Attachment Clips Throughout

The attachment strap should be threaded through as many rows of webbing as possible instead of merely slipping it through…

The attachment strap must be re-wound through the webbing of the MOLLE accessory bag.

Pull both attachment points through the accessory pouch’s MOLLE webbing to ensure a snug fit.

4) Continue Interlocking Web and Accessory

You are going to continue this pattern until you reach the end of the attachment straps, and the amount of time it takes will depend on the size of the MOLLE attachment you are fastening.

5) Secure Snap Accessories

To ensure that your accessory bag doesn’t fall out of your pack, you’ll need to fasten the snaps.

To experience just how much more stable the attachment is to your MOLLE bag, shake out your pouch.

When properly weaved, your MOLLE backpack’s clip-on accessories look and feel like they’re part of the backpack itself.

When the MOLLE backpack is woven correctly, the accessories you attach nearly seem like they’re part of the design.

It was that simple!

By Manali

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