Every day, millions of people across Florida use public transportation to get from one point to another. Whether it’s due to fluctuating gas prices, avoiding highway congestion, or the desire to minimize one’s carbon footprint, public transportation plays a key role in people’s lives. This also means there’s a greater likelihood of getting involved in an accident while using it. For people on the wrong end of such accidents, a team of reputable transportation attorneys can provide the necessary legal representation.

Public transportation goes beyond cabs and buses. It also includes trains, escalators, moveable walkways, airplanes, ferries, and several other means of transportation. For the millions of people using such transportation means, legal representation may become necessary when they get involved in an accident.

The Need for a Public Transportation Attorney

The general assumption is that safety is always a priority for the millions of people that use public transportation regularly. While this is true, the public transportation system isn’t infallible. Accidents do occur, much more than people would like to admit. Much like regular vehicles on the road, several factors are responsible for many of the accidents involving public transportation systems. Such factors include:

i) Negligence

ii) Human error

iii) Poor maintenance 

iv) Adverse weather conditions

While accidents involving common vehicles and those of public transportation systems share a lot of similarities, the key differentiator is the magnitude of each type of accident. For example, regardless of how bad a collision between two sedans is, it is nothing compared to the kind of devastation involving large vessels like oil tankers or freighter ships. Similarly, a collision involving large buses will cause more casualties and devastation compared to small cars.

For transportation systems like buses, there could be other aggravating factors. For instance, the passengers may have failed to secure themselves properly in their seats using seat belts. In some cases, the seatbelts are poorly maintained or missing. Apportioning blame in such scenarios can become challenging if the right facts do not come to light. For any party involved in such accidents, the process of seeking justice begins with contacting an experienced public transportation lawyer. Only such qualified legal professionals can sort through the numerous facts and body of evidence necessary to mount a credible legal challenge.

The reality is that every time individuals board public transportation systems like buses and trains, they are entrusting their safety to strangers. This means that bus drivers and operators of other such public transportation systems have a duty of care to their passengers. Such a duty of care extends beyond the scope of things like regular collisions. The operators of such transport systems are also responsible for other aspects of passenger safety. For example, if a passenger slips and falls due to a poorly maintained boarding platform, the operators or the company for which they work can be held responsible for injuries sustained due to such mishaps. The passenger injured in such scenarios has the right to pursue legal action. In such situations, contacting a public transportation attorney is the best way forward.

As with other types of accidents, injuries sustained due to incidents on public transportation systems may involve several complex scenarios. For example, the operator may have failed to pull the brakes in time due to extreme fatigue, having been on the job for long hours. Perhaps the operator dozed off and missed an important turn point that led to a collision. It’s highly unlikely that the operator will admit to such negligence. Without the experience of a seasoned public transportation attorney, a victim will never be able to get to the bottom of such issues.

Ascertaining the truth regarding the events of a public transportation accident is just the first step. The injured victim will need to prove this in a court of law. This is a process with strict procedures, requiring vast legal knowledge regarding public transportation issues.

These are the common scenarios that necessitate hiring a public transportation attorney.

Time is always a critical factor in such cases. From the moment you’re involved in a public transportation accident, the clock starts ticking. You’ll need to bring a lawsuit against the negligent party within a certain time frame. This is known as the statute of limitations. In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury due to public transportation negligence is four years. Gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses can be a painstaking process. That’s why you’ll need to reach out to a public transportation attorney as soon as possible. This will give them enough time to build a strong case on your behalf.

All in all, think of contacting a public transportation attorney as soon as you’ve been involved in any such accidents.

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