No one ever imagines leaving their home for work or a run to the grocery and getting into a truck accident. Accidents are bad enough without adding the serious injuries that come with a truck accident because of the difference in size between the two cars. A commercial truck weighs between 20,000 and 80,000 pounds.

So, what do you do if you get in a car accident? First, go to the hospital because you will need immediate medical attention for your injuries. Once in the hospital, call experienced truck accident attorneys at Bengal Law. But when do you call a lawyer for a truck accident? Let’s find out!

You should get a lawyer after a truck accident when:

You Don’t Know Where to Start

Any accident, especially a truck accident, can be overwhelming for all parties involved. However, the part that overwhelms almost everyone is where to begin when building a case. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best solution is to reach out to an experienced and trusted truck accident attorney.

Your lawyer can help guide you through every legal process you have to go through to protect your rights.

When Filing for an Insurance Claim

Every state has laws on the liability insurance covers must carry for their drivers. Depending on your state, you may end up filing for an insurance claim through the other driver’s insurance or your own. For instance, in a state that follows a comparative negligence law, you are responsible for filing an insurance claim through the other driver’s insurance.

If your state follows a no-fault insurance law, you will be responsible for filing an insurance claim through your insurance policy. Your truck accident lawyer can help you determine the insurance laws that apply to your state. They will also handle all your communications with different insurance companies.

Filing for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Another instance where you require a truck accident lawyer is when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer can assist you by helping you establish negligence, gather evidence, and represent you in a trial. Your lawyer will help you file a wrongful death lawsuit if you lose a loved one.

Also, if negligence was involved in the death of your loved one, your lawyer will help you file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Establishing Liability

Your lawyer can also help you establish liability if the truck driver violated several regulations, causing the accident. Lawyers have the resources and connections to help clients uncover information that can help determine if the trucking company or the driver is at fault.

Your lawyer can help you uncover evidence that will enable you to establish liability, including:

  • Truck driver logbooks
  • Maintenance records
  • Debris from the accident scene, like the skid marks
  • Devices that help capture useful data like GPS
  • Past road violations on the driver

With the right evidence, proving liability gets easier.

Negotiating a Settlement with the Insurance Company

What if the insurance company agrees to settle after the truck accident? What should you do? This is one task a lawyer can help you complete. While the insurance company may be willing to pay, it might not always be based on the damages you received.

Almost all insurance companies tend to offer lowball settlements with the main aim of protecting their interests. With a lawyer present during the negotiations, you receive fair compensation. Lawyers know all insurance companies’ strategies and tricks to protect their interests. Instead of second-guessing yourself, why not let your attorney handle all your heavy lifting?

You Obtained Lots of Damages

Truck accidents do cause lots of damage. And if you do get into an accident, there is a good chance you may experience losses like:

  • Loss of your earning capacity or loss of wages
  • Doctor visits, medical bills, medication, and other treatment-related expenses
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Wrongful death damages
  • Suffering and pain damages

Your lawyer can help you obtain compensation based on the damages you receive from the accident.

You May Be Partially Responsible for the Accident

If there is a chance that you may be responsible for the accident, you must ensure you get a lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will help you determine your next cause of action, especially if you want to file a lawsuit.

Most people often assume that hiring a lawyer is expensive. However, with all the tasks they handle, especially after a truck accident, having a lawyer can help you focus more on your recovery, as your attorney does the heavy lifting.

By Manali

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