A tree falling on your home is a scary situation that calls for prompt action because it could cause several damages. A falling tree may block power lines and damage the structure and roofing system of your home. It could also cause major or minor injuries; therefore, be sure to call tree removal experts before the fallen tree causes further damage. If you’re looking for a tree service provider in Portland, Oregon, endeavor to contact a provider that offers prompt emergency services.

When a tree falls on your house, there are steps you should take to protect yourself and ensure that no one else gets hurt by this natural disaster. Read on to learn about what to do in such situations. 

Check for Injuries and Call 911

The first thing you should do is check for injuries. If you have a head injury, neck injury, or back injury, call 911 immediately and let them know what happened to you. Provide detailed information about what state your house is in and where you are. Also, report any case of injuries sustained by any other person around your home. The 911 dispatcher will provide you with additional advice on what to do and may dispatch an ambulance or a public utility official to verify your home’s safety. 

If your injuries are minor enough to treat yourself (such as bumps), then go ahead and do so. 

Evacuate Everyone From Your Home

You truly can’t tell how much internal structural damage was caused to your home due to the impact and the weight of the tree. Therefore, you need to evacuate everyone in your home. 

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, to ensure that everyone in your home knows how to leave as fast and safely as possible, make sure you have an evacuation plan in place. Also, try to test out your emergency response plan with your family as often as possible. 

When evacuating your home, do not forget to pick essential emergency supplies that can help you for a couple of days. Some of the important things to pick include; your car keys (if your car wasn’t affected by the fallen tree), money, crucial documents, and others.

Contact The Insurance Company

Your homeowner’s insurance or umbrella insurance policies will at least cover some storm-related damage, including the expense of removing any fallen trees and the cost of home repairs. However, if the homeowner’s negligence contributed to the reason behind the fallen tree, your insurance recovery could be reduced. In simple terms, if you have a poorly maintained, diseased, old, and rotten tree on your property, and such a tree falls on your home, your insurance company might not offer you good financial protection. Conversely, if your healthy tree falls on your home due to unforeseen circumstances, your insurance company should offer you good financial coverage for tree removal services and your home repairs.

Before you contact your insurance company, make sure you have your insurance papers handy and take pictures of the scene of the fallen tree. Take pictures and videos of the internal and exterior damages.  

Call A Tree Removal Service

Don’t attempt to remove the fallen tree by yourself; you need the services of a tree removal company. Call the tree removal company as soon as possible to help remove the tree from your home before it completely destroys the home. Before the tree experts proceed with their job, endeavor to take pictures of the incident if you want to make claims from your insurance company. That being said, tree removal service providers have the training and expertise required to remove fallen trees on houses safely. Also, they have the right protective gear, equipment, and tools that’ll aid in proper tree removal.

Call Your Local Roofing Contractor And Electrical Company 

It’s a smart move to contact a reliable roofing contractor, electrical contractor, and tree removal company in advance in case an emergency like this occurs. If you don’t, you might end up hiring the first service providers you come across, which could be a costly error. In the event of a fallen tree on your home, you need to call your roof contractor after the tree has been safely removed. Your roofing contractor will inspect your roof, help repair the roof structure and replace missing shingles & gutters. 

In conclusion, if a tree falls on your home, it is important to stay calm and assess the situation. It is also helpful to know where your emergency supplies are located so that they can be used immediately if needed. Also, promptly call all relevant emergency services, including 911 and tree removal service providers. Quick action and response in such situations could save lives and protect your property from further damage.

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